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AcmeLow B-2 Bass Cabinet

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Posted 22 July 2004 - 06:33 PM

Acme Low B2 Bass Cabinet

Review by Ericman197

How much did you purchase this item for? $480
Where did you purchase this item? Directly from Acmebass.com
Is this item new or used? New

Features: For a cab, it's about as complicated as they come. It has input/output jacks and an attenuator for the midrange driver and the tweeter. It'll take a few minutes to figure it out as opposed to slightly under a few minutes.

Construction: The Low B-2 is built like a rock. No, it's even harder than that. The only thing harder than this cab was me after I played it.

Sound: The Acme Low B-2 is a very hi-fi sounding cab. I'm not really for or against coloration, but I liked the Acme. The sound is excellent, and it's deeper than any bass cab I've ever played. Despite having identical low end ratings, the Low B-2 handled a B much better than the Edens. It's an amazing cab.

Ease of Use: The only difficult part is working the attenuator. You can control the level of the midrange driver and the tweeter. It's not very difficult, but harder to use than your average cab.

Reliability: Very reliable.

Overall: Great sound, HUGE power handling capacity well beyond the ratings, and lightweight. What's the catch? If you go with an Acme rig, you'll have trouble hearing yourself over an acoustic guitar. The Low B-2 sports a sensitivity of 93dB, whereas the Eden 4x10 has a sensitivity of 106dB. That'd mean that it'd take about 20 Low B-2's to get as loud as one Eden 410XLT, using the same amount of power. I'm not putting down Acme, but I don't think they're very practical cabinets. While a Low B cab will produce a Low B louder than pretty much anything else, you'll need at least 1 Low B-4 with a TON of clean power to get loud enough for a big gig. The aforementioned Acme rig would absolutely demolish any other setup in sheer low end power, but it would also be about as loud as a loud 4x10 with only a modest amount of power.

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Posted 03 July 2006 - 07:29 PM


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