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Stevie Ray Vaughan

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#21 J.Hoang301

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Posted 10 May 2005 - 06:49 AM

all the greats go early i suppose
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#22 stinky1031

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Posted 13 July 2005 - 11:13 PM

I actually just discovered SRV, today. I saw the dvd of him live at Montreux ,and couldn't believe it. I was totally awstruck. SRV is deffinantly a great. Maybe even the great.

#23 mewsrv61

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Posted 14 July 2005 - 01:55 AM

QUOTE (angusyoungfan @ Jan 24 2004, 12:32 PM)
QUOTE (TexasFlood00 @ Jan 24 2004, 08:27 PM)
QUOTE (guitarfreak111 @ Jan 24 2004, 02:48 PM)
QUOTE (TexasFlood00 @ Jan 24 2004, 11:39 AM)
QUOTE (guitarfreak111 @ Jan 24 2004, 12:52 AM)
It really pisses me off that someone so bright and full of talent had to go so soon...

Well yeah and the fact that he had just gotten his life together. But I bet he's up in heaven jammin with Jimi right now. haha laugh.gif Thats one jam session I would kill a man to take part in or even watch.

I can see 'em right now...

Hey that would be an awesome poster. Jimi and Stevie sitting on amps in the clouds playing guitar. I might patent that.....no laugh.gif I'm sure someone has already made it.

Would be kewl to see a charcoal drawing of a scene like that .

Would aslo make a bitchin tatoo smile.gif

Zak smile.gif

Dudes, if you're looking for cool SRV artwork, you must check out www.srvrocks.com...check out the "links" link, there's lots of cool stuff. Even artists who will do a charcoal or colored pencil or whatever you want drawing/painting based on a favorite picture you send them. Very cool! SRV IS 'DA MAN!!

#24 palmbayguitarist11

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Posted 23 November 2005 - 03:17 PM

Stevie Ray Vaughan is probably my favorite guitarist of all time. My mom got me into him earlier this year and my guitar playing hasn't really been the same since. He just blows all my other favorites right out of the water. If that thing about him and Jimi jammin' in Heaven is true, then I can't wait to get there. They were both taken from us way too soon. Btw, I can't seem to find any posters or t-shirts of Stevie at the mall. Maybe I'm just not looking hard enough.
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#25 SmashySmashy

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Posted 26 February 2006 - 07:34 PM

I have never really digged his music too much due to the fact that he really didnt stretch out beyond blues rock music into something more as he could and should have done. However he has some highly energetic tunes and is definatly worthy of being called a legend for his skill at the guitar and the songs he wrote.

#26 guitarguy33


    Dolphin Starbeam

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Posted 22 November 2006 - 11:37 AM

I love him. I have all the albums. To top it off I have a recording of his last performance at alpine valley. The last notes of voodoo child ringin out is enough to bring a tear to the eye. RIP SRV

#27 tenn_jim

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Posted 27 August 2012 - 05:15 AM

R.I.P. Stevie. On this anniversary of your death, I'm playing nothing but SRV music.

Thanks for all you left us.

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