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The Man Who Stole The Sun

15 April 2009 - 07:16 AM

Hey guys,

Recorded this last year but never did work out any lyrics or see any point in the track itself up until recently.

The riff is inspired by 60's agent tv-shows and anyone who knows me knows that I'm not only an avid fan of most spy stories (fact and fiction), but also a paranoid believer of certain conspiracies, hence the lyrics. Not the heaviest of words, but it beats being in a drought.
I added a distorted synth to drag this piece back back in time. Then I heard Icky Thump and wished I released this track earlier ... oh well, you snooze you lose; I wasn't influenced by those keys there - so don't bother making a referance! tongue.gif
There's two guitars panned to the sides. The left one is clean-ish with a twang to keep up apperances with the 60's shows, while the right one has a 70's fuzz to it, a slightly more aggressive touch.
No solo, but I warbled around on the bass a little during the break.

EDIT: I actually need to thank Will Wood and w00dy here. Will told me not everything you write has to be great as long as you enjoy it, which got me off my @ss and started writing the lyrics.
And thanks to w00dy for not only providing me with the image of Nixon in his sig (the original song lyric was "Abe Lincoln used to...") but also for sending me the elephant.

Enough! Go forth and listen. Thank you, and OK!

Soundclick: The Man Who Stole The Sun

You can also listen to it at Myspace, but I'm not gonna advertise it other than my sig. tongue.gif

My Brother's Keeper

15 January 2009 - 01:22 PM

So I'm busting out another filler track. A straightforward, medium rock, thing. Turn the sound up.

Semi-interesting background: My brother, who's a huge Springsteen fan, raised me on The Boss' music. Finally, I'm getting around to copying him shamelessly. blush.gif
What makes this song emotional, and thus dedicated to my bruv is that I havn't seen him for 9 years now (though we still talk). sad.gif

Geek info: I panned 1 acoustic twelve string to the left (80%), and the another right (70%), but the right one is somewhat lower in volume. Take note too, slightly to the right, my new Peavey Reactor makes an light-aggressive apperance.
More homage/wannabee/theft to the Boss comes in the form of an harmonica solo played on a Special 20.

The song is availible on SoundClick...
and on MySpace... where it's the 2nd song down.

Edit: Now Availible on Youtube: My Brother's Keeper

Personally, I think the myspace player sounds worse than the Soundclick one, but what the hell.

A video is in the works, but it will be awhile.

Thank you, and Ok!

I got a guitar

07 December 2008 - 09:40 AM

I picked this one up after doing a couple of ... favors for a friend of mine.
It's a Peavey Reactor, made in the US. I'm not sure wot year it is though.
I recieved it as a fixer-upper, and I was happy to take it. It was missing the bridge bits (not sure what they're called) and the screws for them. My friend had also let it sit for some months without any strings on it, tsk tsk tsk. After a bit of tinkering, I got it up and going/repaired to the best of my abilities. As you can see, it's missing a pickup but I'm hoping to get that fixed in the near future. The one pickup it has sound pretty good, clean and bright; The neck is quite fast too.

I have a n00by question though: this is the first guitar I have with a bridge like that (I'm used to Tune-O matics) and I'm not sure what the bridge pins/blocks (the thing the screw goes into) do, or how they are supposed to be aligned (up, down, etc.)
Could someone explain to me please how I could set it up, and what they're for? I thought it was intonation, and I set that up to where it's perfect the way it is now.

Song: Live On

02 December 2008 - 02:03 PM

'sup guys, I'm delivering christmas early this year, seeing as this will be my last outing on this forum for this year. (now, Igorski, Imadique, Waz, Tracy, chasy, w00dy, and you others, we await your gifts...tongue.gif)

Info: This song is sorta feelgood, filler stuff. Probably a track number of 8 or so. Wrote it the day after the U.S election was over but I never intended, nor do I still, it to be anything of political nature. It's just meant to feel good and get people nodding their heads to da beat.

Tech: Since I tried to cram a good deal of guitars in (plust 2 synths) along with the drums and bass, I took an advice zoloo had given, and tried out the high and lo-pass(es) on most tracks. I tweaked for a couple of days and was never quite happy, but in the end I think it came out alright. I will definetly utilize those features in the future. Thanks, mr. Z.

Enough! It's not mantrasolo with balls out, but his fist is still clenched in the air, yo!

Live On - on Soundclick

Need pics of a certain ddrum set

24 November 2008 - 02:50 PM

'sup guys. My drummer wants to know what this set looks like in the blueburst color.

Does anyone have pics/websites where I can find this? I can't seem to find it anywhere, just the orange color.
I tried the ddrum website but they only got pics of the duofade blue; not sure if that's close enough...
Thanks for any help.

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