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In Topic: Zoom A3

11 July 2016 - 03:28 AM

Zoom blew me away with their current line up, the G3 and MS range are top! THey used to absolutely SUCKKKKKK back in the day!

In Topic: Solid State VS Valve

11 July 2016 - 03:26 AM

I like SS over most Valve amps, I find that a mid or high range SS amp is better over all (portability, versatility, no hum, replicating "direct in" tone, etc etc) than a low-mid valve amp. With valve amps, I find that only SOME of the high end ones really blow your socks off, however, when you consider the price of a SS plus amp modeller pedal, and the price of, say, a Mesa Boogie dual rectifier and cabinet, and then compare the sound you get, you don't feel that that the increase of volume and tone is worth the huge cost, UNLESS you have money to burn or you can fill stadiums and sell records, in which case, of course you have to buy to top end stuff.


I actually make my tone through using cheaper equipment and making it sound good, it makes your tone unique. I only get expensive gear when it's necessary. 

In Topic: Boss ME-80

11 July 2016 - 03:17 AM

Is there a huge difference in sound between this and the gt 100?

In Topic: So... Line 6 sucks eh?

11 July 2016 - 03:04 AM

Well, basically, the Line 6 Spiders and other decent solid state amps are the equivalent of the run-of-the-mill cars you see every day on the road. The Volkswagons, Fords, Volvos, Toyotas, Dodges, etc you see, some better, some worse than others, some more expensive, some cheaper, but most are more than good enough to do the job of getting from A to B, the owners are proud of them, they're comfortable, etc...



Then you have your petrol heads with millionaire mommy and daddy, who can fill their garages with cars too good to even be seen on Top Gear, the top end Porshe, Crysler, Mercedes, Audis etc that cost ten times the average middle class household's total yearly income, and these people who think their farts smell like cake freshly baked on the moon with fairy dust will tell you how much your new BMW, the top end of your "every day man's car range" sucks, and would rather die than be seen dead getting into your Renault Clio.



These Solid State amp hating Marshall-stack-humping Orange amp licking A-holes are the amp equivalent of the fart-smelling car people. They're arseholes whose opinion may be valuable if you're in the market for the products that they don't consider tramp bedding, but for anything else, they should just be ignored. 

When you get your Line 6 Spider or your Marshall MG series amp and your friends who have been playing their beginner amps are like WOW, and your crowds are like "killer tone dude!" you know you have a nice amp, and if you play through it and the sound parts your hair, feel good about it. 

For my tastes, a clean channel on an SS amp with a decent selection of pedals plugged into it (even if they're budget ones, most are good these days TBH) beats a cranked sagging valve amp in most cases (though I must say that there is a Mesa Boogie $3000 amp that I LOOOOVE the sound of but it's not $2600 better than a clean SS amp and an amp modeller! So unless I win a million I'm not planning to buy one!), and if you have a sound gate before any particularly loud high gain distortion pedal, you have no or almost no hum, while most tube amps generate a disgusting amount of unwanted noise (that fart-smellers claim to "like") , and IMO many of these high end amp distortions just sound nasty, take Orange for example, I get a better sound running my cheapest guitar through a cheap bass overdrive (actually, experimenting with such combos is fun and yields interesting tones).


Look at the people who claim that your nice little android or windows phone sucks because it wasn't made by Apple, or that your iPhone sucks bawlz because you can't hack it, you get fart-smellers everywhere, regarding all products, but at the end of the day, their opinions don't count UNLESS you're in the market for the things they like, in which case they can be a vault of useful knowledge (when you can filter the opinionated rants from the informative details).

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