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#1 fuego_delrio

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Posted 11 May 2005 - 07:28 PM

Old Testament Wrath

All the Saints

to him that has eyes let him see

nothing has a value
til theres everything to lose
and nothing has a cost til the price you pay
I dont know when its gonna fall
but I seen its back will break
I dont remember now what I saw
man they crucified me
I seek that countenance of God his holy face to guide me
gotta ask him what it take to make the angels stop crying man cause they crying
for all the saints to lie broken on heaven in Earth
the ground consumes our fathers
while the Devil guards his worth
when all the saints lie broken on heaven in Earth
you can lift their eyes to heaven, but can you make their prayers be heard

to him that has ears let him hear

Substituted values for heavens that we choose
the way we groom our children just to tolerate you
I dont see how its gonna stand cause I can see it falling
its raining down around my knees
pull me outta this ruble
and the ashes soaking in from the tears that them angels are crying
cause they crying while god sings
to all the saints that lie broken on heaven in Earth
from your dust a new messiah crawls
and to all the saints now broken on Heaven in Earth
give your judgement to their father
and the devil his own worth

all the lies all the days all the games that people play
all the hours we wander away from eternity while the angels cryin out

all the saints are broken on Heaven in Earth
repeat out...

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