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Recording a chord progression to jam over...using just a downloadable software and a mic

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#1 Hobs911

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Posted 30 June 2006 - 06:46 PM

Can you do this?. Im in a country/western band but i like to jam by myself to phish and Allmans and some stuff like that. Can I just download one of those free recording programs and plug a mic into my PC and put the mic in front of the map? Therfore i could jam over certain chord progressions?

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#2 billy16

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Posted 30 June 2006 - 06:49 PM

I think with Audacity you can do it.

#3 Derek5272


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Posted 30 June 2006 - 06:53 PM

If your amp has an output and you have an adaptor you can just plug your amp into your computer's mic jack.

#4 ninjato

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Posted 30 June 2006 - 08:00 PM


#5 Anesthesiafgx


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Posted 01 July 2006 - 01:31 PM

I do that. Of course for just jamming purposes you don't have to be that fancy. For a long time I just used a tape recorder.

#6 guitarguy2001

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Posted 01 July 2006 - 03:05 PM

I did that once, except with a backbeat and a bassline, but it's all the same.

I used Audacity, works like a charm.

And it is better to use direct line input rather than miking a cab.

#7 grzegorz_panek

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Posted 02 July 2006 - 08:03 AM

Get Audacity, it's legally free. Or get Cool Edit Pro, which is better, but not legally free. wink.gif

Then plug your guitar directly to the soundcard, or you can do this through an amp or through any effect. Of course, you can also mic it. The possibilities are endless once you have some software. As I said, Audacity is free and generally accessible. Cool Edit is not free, but also generally accessible.
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