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My friend from collegesinger/song writer

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#1 GoDrex

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Posted 10 January 2008 - 06:07 PM


I don't know much about song writing, but I have a friend that I think is pretty good. Back in the olden days of '91-94 he constantly amazed me by coming out with all these creative songs that were romantic and funny and also a touch morbid or macabre. When I met him he had just started playing acoustic guitar and I even showed him a couple things once or twice. Then after the summer when I saw him the next school year his progress was amazing. I'm not sure how he learned a lot of things he could do. I know he had some musical training (played trumpet in school) but I think he figured out of a lot of things by ear, by what he wanted it to sound like for his melodies. The thing I liked about his playing was he went beyond the usual open chord strumming - yeah he did that but he did a lot of other stuff beyond that. For a guy that was only playing for a couple of years, he really impressed me. I certainly couldn't come up with the things he did.

The songs I have online were recorded live at a coffee shop back in the winter of '93 - - so there are mistakes and the sound quality isn't top notch, but the gist of it is there.

Matt Abell - live at the Renaissance Coffee House

Some of my favorites:

Dashboard Jesus - -this song is a poem he wrote put to music in a more talking style than singing. It's my favorite song of his though because of what he does on the guitar. He definitely takes you for a ride on this one.

Easy To Love - a typical Matt love song from that time.

Texas - love the attitude on this one - bit of a flub in the middle but the "###### yooooooou!" more then makes up for it...

Falling From The Blue - another love song...

Country Mud - inspired by the '93 Mississippi floods.

Mr. Toll Booth Man - song about a family of toll booth attendants.

He would play these songs for me and my friends right after he would write them and we would just be amazed. It seemed like every week he had another one. I hope you guys here enjoy some of them. These songs remind me of a very strange and great time in my life.

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Posted 11 January 2008 - 10:59 AM

I just listened to easy to love. Lyrically I think he's got some really good ideas but unfortunatley I'm not all that amazed by his vocals and guitar playing. quite average and because of that I think it detracts from his lyrics, which I have trouble understanding sometimes. There were defintely points that I was like "what on earth is he talking about". Not bad but I think it needs a polish for sure
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