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for sale on ebay BOSS RE-20 SPACE ECHOuk people grab a bargin

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Posted 24 March 2010 - 11:12 AM

sold :) thanks for looking though

edit:here are three questions i was asked buy ppl who didnt even bother to bid for the pedal

1. 'Hello, does the charitable donation cost me extra on my bid amount or is this something the seller pays for totally and I just pay the final bid and postage amount as per usual? Thank you.'
ok, that ones fair enough if your not used to ebay - this person had 45 stars. so ok, you live and learn
2. 'hi there do you still have the original box , leads manuel (sic) etc please advise thanks.'
well you could clearly the box and the manuel (sic) in the listing photos, but still sensible questions to ask. so i said yes and yes but coz it was a boss fx pedal there are no leads
3. 'hi what do you mean by no leads? is there an original power supply i hope! please do confirm that there is nothing missing that comes with the boss thanks'
im my head i was screaming 'DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHAT THE FUCKING AUCTION IS FOR YOU TIME WASTING PRICK, I ALREADY KNOW YOUR NOT EVEN GOING TO BID FOR IT BECAUSE YOUR A DENSE MOTHER FUCKER.' i mean c'mon is it too much to ask of someone to google something they are interested in buying off of the internet? its not as if they have to move very far is it? 'oh no, we only google on the down stairs laptop'. fuck me, ive googled my neighbours on their unsecure wifi connection. in my actual reply i was of course very polite - i even called him a friendly 'buddy' and gave him a smiley face. i feel a bit of a twat slagging him off now, but ive had a hard night and need to vent. so thank you for that service - but do the leads come included?

im being too hard on the fella - he must have been looking at it for someone else

Edited by w00dy, 02 April 2010 - 12:29 AM.


        ^^latest musics^^

go on give it a listen, it's good.


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