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Posted 11 April 2010 - 09:31 AM

Welcome to the Guitar Zone lessons forum! This is quick reference guide to all the topics in this specific area of our collective forums. The threads in the lessons area are listed alphabetically for ease of use. Unlike in other forums when a thread is replied to it will not go to the top of the list. To utilize this list easily use the search function (Ctrl + F for PC, Command + F for Mac) TIP: use the least amount of words possible to get a match. This list is in alphabetical order so to look for John Mayer scroll down to "M" rather than "J" for John. Or just hit Ctrl + F and type in Mayer and be taken directly to the part of the list with everything about him (though it will probably take you to the parts where I said his name in this explanation so hit "Next" until it takes you to the list). More videos, tabs and lessons are added all the time so check back regularly.

Our Lessons forum is new and we appreciate all feedback (good or bad!) so we can make this easy to understand and follow. Our main goal is to provide access to tools and information that allows everyone to learn songs and techniques. We also love it when people share their knowledge so if you have a lesson on any music related topic feel free to start your own thread. Lastly, guitar & bass tablature as well as any music notation are welcome here as long as you are the author of the notation or have permission to use it. If you have tabs or sheet music you wish to share please be sure to check to see if the band already has a thread. If so, post your information as a reply in that thread. If you do not see the band you wish to share tabs on then go ahead and start one. If you have any questions ask them here or PM any of the moderators. Again, welcome and enjoy what we have to offer!

How To Read Guitar Tabs
Guitar Scales
CAGED system (guitar chord lessons)
Chord Construction
Excercises For Soloing
Flamenco Guitar
General Tuition
Paco de Lucia Technique Beginners Level
Power Chord Basics


Alice In Chains
Allman Brothers
Alter Bridge
Animals, The
Bennett, Tony
Berry, Chuck
Black Crowes

Blink 182
Cabrera, Ryan
Cancer Bats

Cranberries, The
DC Talk
Dire Straits
Doobie Brothers
Earth, Wind And Fire



Fallout Boy
Fleetwood Mac
Fogelberg, Dan
Green Day
Guns N' Roses
Haunted, The
Hedges, Michael
Hendrix, Jimi

Joan Jett And The Blackhearts
Lavigne, Avril
Led Zeppelin

Linkin Park
Lynch, George
Lynyrd Skynyrd

Manson, Marilyn
Marshall Tucker Band, The
Mayer, John
McCain, Edwin
MISC: Movie Themes
MISC: Blues/rock video
MISC: Folk
MISC: Faith/Christmas songs
MISC: Happy Birthday to You
MISC: Television Themes
MISC: Video Games
Moore, Gary
Murphey, Michael Martin
Pearl Jam
Pink Floyd
Rage Against The Machine
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Satan's Pilgrims
Sparks, Tim
Spin Doctors
Social Distortion
Taylor, James
Three Dog Night
Vai, Steve

Van Halen
Ventures, The

Within Temptation
Wylde, Zakk

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Posted 30 December 2010 - 07:41 AM

The Hitchhiker's Guide to GuitarZone's Lessons Area

How we are organized
We of the Lessons area of GuitarZone love when members share their knowledge and we are committed to making all the information easily accessible. We have devised a particular filing system to organize the content to make everything easy to find and understand. Unlike other areas of web forums, when a thread is made it does not get listed at the top of the forum here. Instead our area's threads are automatically listed alphabetically. In most of the threads of the Lessons Area the first post has the alphabet listed and some where under at least one letter is the name of a lesson and a link. The link is always to a post to somewhere in that particular thread. This system is usually for bands. For example, in the thread for Aerosmith the first post with the alphabet has under "A" Adam's Apple (video lesson) and under "L" Last Child (video lesson) among others. Both video lessons are in the Aerosmith thread making it possible to scroll through the thread to find one of the videos or one can simply click the link to go directly to the post containing that "video lesson".

Types of lessons
Our information (the lessons) can be presented in several different ways. The basic three are video lessons, tablature and tutorials. The first two are usually, but not always, for learning a song where as a tutorial can be about a range of topics.

Video Lessons: Are videos of instruction on how to play a song, style of music or music theory. Video lessons can be uploaded on youtube and embedded in a post. No more than two videos may be embedded per post.
Tablature: Some lessons contain guitar tab on how a song is played.
Tutorials: Are lessons on a particular topic like guitar scales, chord construction or even how to read guitar tablature. Tutorials can contain videos and/or tab within it's lesson.

Lessons may contain within the same post guitar tab as well as a video. Photos are acceptable content if they are part of the lesson.

Lessons we want
Yes! We want your help! Our area would have nothing without member submissions. We want everything from song tablature, video lessons and EVERYTHING GUITAR RELATED! If you know something about guitars that we don't have here I encourage you to make a video or write about it.

Acceptable content
A lesson must be complete. Meaning that if, for example, the lesson is how to play AC/DC's Hells Bells the submitted tab and/or video must be of the entire song. Not just the intro or solo. In addition to being complete the lesson must also be contained within the post. Meaning that an unacceptable lesson would be a link to somewhere outside of GuitarZone for the content.

How to post a lesson
Starting a new thread & lesson:

First the thread must have a name. It's name must be what the lesson is. If the lesson is how to play a song the thread title must be of the band or artist whose song you are posting about. If it is an artist put their last name first, for example Adams, Ryan.

Next the lesson itself. The lesson may contain text, tab, videos (up to two embedded videos per post) and/or pictures. Tab, video embedding and photos need special tags to be seen in a post.
Posted Image

Posting a lesson as a reply:

If there is a topic or song you wish to submit and there is already a thread about that subject post the lesson in that particular thread. See above for posting tips.

All threads and replies are looked at by the moderators to make sure it's content is complete. We also may edit or move a post to better organize it into our archiving system. When we edit a post we do not edit the integrity of the content and we explain why it was edited every time we do. If you have any questions you can ask them here or message us and we will be glad to help.

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