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BossDS-2 Turbo Distortion

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#1 improviduto

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Posted 22 November 2003 - 03:40 PM

Boss DS-2 Turbo Distortion

#2 evileye



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Posted 22 November 2003 - 03:41 PM

How much did you purchase this item for? 45 Euro
Where did you purchase this item? Ebay
Is this item new or used? Used

Features: 9/10 - Great features, has Drive, Level, Tone, and a "Remote", two position switch. The drive controls the distortion, the level controls the volume, and the tone controls the bass/treble notes. The turbo 2 position switch changes between two different distortion types. The first is a sort of deep grunge sound, good for rhythm. The second is clearer, good for lead.

Construction: 10/10 - As always with Boss, built like a brick.

Sound: 8/10 - Not hugely versatile, but not just limited to grunge. It's the same as what Kurt Cobain used, so it is mostly suited to grunge, but it can be used elsewhere.

Ease of Use: 10/10 - Childs play, 4 knobs.

Reliability: 10/10, as always with Boss.

Overall: 8/10 - Great pedal if you're into grunge, but can be used for other genres too.

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[color=red][b]How much did you purchase this item for?[/b][/color]

[color=red][b]Where did you purchase this item?[/b][/color]

[color=red][b]Is this item new or used?[/b][/color]

[color=red][b]Features:[/b] [/color]

[color=red][b]Construction:[/b] [/color]

[color=red][b]Sound:[/b] [/color]

[color=red][b]Ease of Use:[/b][/color]  

[color=red][b]Reliability:[/b] [/color]


[color=red][b]Experience Level:[/b][/color]

#3 cant_get_right

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Posted 19 December 2005 - 04:03 AM

How much did you purchase this item for? cant remember

Where did you purchase this item?harris music?

Is this item new or used?used

Features: level tone drive and turbo one and turbo 2

Construction: solid construction

Sound: turbo one gives a good boost distortion....sounds better with single coils

Ease of Use: very easy to use

Reliability: great

Overall: this is a pedal ive had around for years ...and one that i wont sell........

turbo 2 mode......run it threw a tube clean channel..no effects......and i swear you can nail jake e lee's badlands tone.....

add a delay pedal.....i add it after the pedal and before the amp......and you can sound like joe satraini

the turbo one mode i dont really care for....it sounds better with single coils....would make a good booster

Experience Level: i do ok

#4 matiasrengel

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Posted 15 June 2015 - 09:51 AM

One of my favorite distortions ever.

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