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#41 Un Plugged

Un Plugged
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Posted 11 February 2004 - 07:23 PM

]Name: Stephanie Salgado


Location:Tucson AZ
Years playing: 1

Acoustic:Epiphone AG or AJ,A classic mexican guitar(no name)

Electric: Gibson Epiphone SG

Other: Keyboard,Harminca,violin,voice

Musical Wishlist: To play better

Influences: No one really

Style(s) of playing: Classic,and christian.

Regular Gigs: Every Saturday night at my church.

Greatest moment on stage: My first time performing.People say first impression is best well that is exactly what mine was.

Solo Artist, or Band Member? I do most of my peices solo but if i need someone i ask my trusty buddy John

If applicable, name of band:..........no.
]String preference: DR(recommended by Trevor) and Blue Steel
]Any other information? I dont really use any other instruments when performing. its just me and my acoustic

I think that is accurate blink.gif
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#42 rabid_fox


    Turn around

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Posted 15 February 2004 - 11:04 AM

Name: Díarmuid McAreavy
Age: 19
Location: Belfast, unfortunately
Years playing: Getting onto three soon
Gear -- Fender Left Handed Dreadnought acoustic and a classical acoustic I can't remember the name of
-- Acoustic: Wait. Didn't that just get asked?
-- Electric: Tanglewood Memphis, left handed. Ah, now I get see what the format was intended to be.
-- Other I own a tuner, cause I have no musical ear
Musical Wishlist: Another finger on each hand
Influences: Irish folk, modern rock, Cohen.
Style(s) of playing: Folk, indie
Regular Gigs: Hah!
Greatest moment on stage: The PA failing whilst playing "Runaway Train"
Solo Artist, or Band Member? Solo
-- If applicable, name of band: Meh
String preference: Martins
Any other information? Foxes are glorious.
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#43 cheabz

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Posted 17 February 2004 - 04:33 AM


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#44 Cortez The Killer

Cortez The Killer
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Posted 17 February 2004 - 09:16 AM

Name: Peter Wild
Age: 16
Location: San Fran
Years playing2
Gear --
-- Acoustic: Ibanez Acoustic(can plug in to an amp as well)
-- Electric: Fender Telecaster, Fender Strat
-- Other Crate 120 Wat Amp
Musical Wishlist: A Classical Nylon String acoustic guitar thats really expensize, a gibson SG that Pete Townshend plays,
Influences: Neil Young, Pete Townshend, Keith Richards, George Harrison, Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, Robbie Robertson, Tom Petty
Style(s) of playing: ROCK N ROLL!
Regular Gigs: Yea, ive had 2 so far, going on 3.
Greatest moment on stage: When i was applauded in the middle of a song for a solo i did in a Rolling Stones song.
Solo Artist, or Band Member? Yea in an acoustic group with another kid
-- If applicable, name of band: Maeillo & Wildrotter
String preference: Eh, Nylon, Metal whatever.
Any other information? no.
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Jacky White

#45 skm

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Posted 18 February 2004 - 08:49 AM

Name: Steve
Age: 26
Location: Cambridge, UK (but not for long)
Years playing: since about '95 or '96
Gear --
-- Acoustic: Yamaha APX-7A
-- Electric: Squier Jagmaster (Vista series); Satellite Strat copy
-- Other Salvaged Classical
Musical Wishlist: Faster fingers
Influences: Paul Simon, Sonic Youth, James, Lou Reed, Calexico, ...
Style(s) of playing: Folk and country influenced rock/indie. Some MOR.
Regular Gigs: Have gigged, but it's not regular.
Greatest moment on stage: Probably my showcase gig at the Talking Heads pub in Southampton. I just got everything right (and the soundman did a reasonable job...)
Solo Artist, or Band Member? Solo for a few years now. Was a band-type.
-- If applicable, name of band: Last band was "The Eternal Subs"
String preference: .11s, Martin or D'Addario usually. (On electric I use exclusively Fender Bullets .10s.
Any other information?
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#46 ayrin

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Posted 19 February 2004 - 08:17 PM

Name: Aaron Avey
Age: 20
Years playing: 8
Gear --
-- Acoustic: a 1950s fender resonator guitar/dobro, and ovation
-- Electric: Gibson les paul, epi les paul, 2 ibanez jems, 1 rg, and my collection of fender talons
-- Other my amps and rackmount processors/preamps and my vocal stuffs
Musical Wishlist: more talons (I love them)
Influences: steve vai, yngwei malmsteen, the beatles, metallica, u2, and deliriou5?
Style(s) of playing: used to be conteporary worship now I play lead/shed guitar
Regular Gigs: I've been to busy with the studio as of late but there is a local pub I love to play at
Greatest moment on stage: I've had countless
Solo Artist, or Band Member? both
-- If applicable, name of band: forgotten frailty
String preference: GHS infinity steel electric
Any other information? not right now

#47 TroyMullet19

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Posted 20 February 2004 - 12:58 PM

Name: Troy Miller
Age: 17
Location: Pinawa, Canada
Years playing: 2
Gear --
Acoustic: Hohner Electro Acoustic, Takamine Garth Brooks Signature
Electric: Washburn WR250
Other: BOSS ME-33, Marshall mode 4, Piano, Harmonica, Shaker Egg
Musical Wishlist: Dave Matthews Signature or a Dave/Tim Style Acoustic
Influences: Dave Matthews, Tim Reynolds, Clapton, Garth Brooks, Too many to list
Style(s) of playing: Jam stlye stuff, country, Third eye blind and such
Regular Gigs: not really our band just released a CD we recorded in my bud's basement
Greatest moment on stage: when I was playing in Calgary and my guitar strap broke and my electric fell and broke the monitor.
Solo Artist, or Band Member? Band Member
If applicable, name of band: DCT
String preference: Elixir Regular

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#48 nnyrad

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Posted 21 February 2004 - 03:33 PM

Name: Darynn
Age: 17
Location: UK
Years playing: enough
Gear: Tanglewood
Musical Wishlist: Clapton strat, Pre war Gibson J45
Influences: everyone
Style(s) of playing: my forté would be slide
Regular Gigs: Not too regular, once a month.
Greatest moment on stage: Playing semihollow guitar with a beret and Lennon glasses
Solo Artist, or Band Member? Band member.
If applicable, name of band:
String preference: D'Addario Phospher Bronze 12s.

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#49 nyymouse

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Posted 21 February 2004 - 07:41 PM

Name: Micky
Age: 16
Location: Vermont
Years playing: 2 or so
Gear --
-- Acoustic: Samick Greg Bennet D-5
-- Electric: Epiphone Standard Les Paul
-- Other Peavey Blazer 158 amp, Boss DS-1 distortion pedal, Vox Wah, millions of small things (slides, capos, etc.)
Musical Wishlist: Gibson ES-335 Dot Reissue, Boss Blues Drive
Influences: my guitar teacher, my brother, Clapton, Hendrix, SRV, Page, and Vai
Style(s) of playing: Hard Rock, Blues, Classic Rock
Regular Gigs: Local clubs, Higher Ground Stadium, church
Greatest moment on stage: Playin along, I cut to a solo, and was playing for about ten minutes, completely improvising. I looked up and saw half of the crowd with their mouths dropped open. I tapped a few more notes to finish the song, and we got a standing ovation.
Solo Artist, or Band Member? Band member, however I have been working on some solo improv recordings
-- If applicable, name of band: I have two of them. Spastik 7 (in which I play rhythm guitar) and Greenland Circle (in which I play lead guitar and am head of the band).
String preference: Martin & Co and XL
Any other information? I am a guitar junkie

#50 xplizit

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Posted 23 February 2004 - 01:54 PM

Name: Niklas
Age: 17
Location: Haugesund, Norway
Years playing: 2
Gear --
-- Acoustic: Ibanez PF100
-- Electric: Ibanez RG170
-- Other Vox V848 wah, BD-2, RDD-20, Pevey Enovy 110 Amp
Musical Wishlist: Way too much to list..
Influences: Slash, Satch, SRV, Page
Style(s) of playing: Rock, blues, metal
Regular Gigs: No
Greatest moment on stage: Never performed
Solo Artist, or Band Member? Solo, although I'd love to be in a band.
-- If applicable, name of band:
String preference: Electric: D'Addario 10's. Acoustic: Don't have a favorite yet
Any other information? Rock on!
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#51 georgb25

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Posted 24 February 2004 - 03:10 AM

B]Name: [/B] Georg Brinkmann
Age: 19
Location: Tallinn, Estonia
Years playing: Just over 2 years
Gear --
-- Acoustic: Alvarez Regent series and a Yamaha classical guitar
-- Electric: none
-- Other none
Musical Wishlist: Takamine acoustic, Epiphone Les Paul
Influences: Led Zeppelin, numerous folk acts
Style(s) of playing: Blues, folk, rock
Regular Gigs: No
Greatest moment on stage: Playing in front of 500 people...
Solo Artist, or Band Member? Band member mostly
-- If applicable, name of band: Urban Folk Group
String preference: Martin

#52 TripleM

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Posted 27 February 2004 - 10:54 AM

Name: TripleM => ph34r.gif
Age: 15
Location: The worst place in Germany
Years playing: 5
Gear --
-- Acoustic: Takamine EG-531-SC
-- Electric: Fender 40th Anniversairy Stratocaster
-- Other: Line6 POD 2.0
Musical Wishlist: Lots of things... but the 50th Anniversiry Stratocaster is really nice too... blink.gif
Influences: ohhhh... much to many to list sad.gif
Style(s) of playing: Everything my Guitar Accepts biggrin.gif
Regular Gigs: No Stage.... No Gigs mad.gif
Greatest moment on stage: Stage... unsure.gif where is the Stage??? cool.gif
Solo Artist, or Band Member? Ihave no band so i think i am a Solo Artist wink.gif
-- If applicable, name of band: no band! mad.gif
String preference: Gore Elixir

#53 jiminos

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Posted 03 March 2004 - 11:22 AM

Name: Jim Sanders
Age: 47
Location: Washington state, USA
Years playing: about 35
Gear --
-- Acoustic: 1978 Ovation Balladeer, 1984 Ovation Ultra 12 string, 1993 Guild JF-30, 1999 Ovation Elite Special, 2002 Adamas SMT, 2004 Ovation 30th Anniv Custom Legend
-- Electric:
-- Other a lot of harmonicas and a Casio keyboard, Peavey 600 series PA w/ SP5S speakers, Yamaha PA
Musical Wishlist: Gibson Custom Shop J-200
Influences: Croce, Taylor, Stevens, Campbell, Chapin, Lightfoot, Red Shea, Terry Clements, Maury Muehleisen, Raplh McTell, Tommy Sands
Style(s) of playing: Irish, folk, blues, classical
Regular Gigs: concerts, pubs
Greatest moment on stage: recently did a new arrangement of Tommy Sands' "There Were Roses" as the last song at a pub that was closing down.
Solo Artist, or Band Member? both. mostly solo... worked for few years as front man of an Irish group
-- If applicable, name of band: The Ware Brothers
String preference: D'addarios, Adamas - lights
Any other information?

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#54 PunX88

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Posted 07 March 2004 - 10:03 PM

Name: Mark Kruger
Age: 15
Location: Jackson's Point, Ontario, Canada
Years playing: 3 months
Gear --
-- Acoustic: Black Art&Lutherie Wild Cherry
-- Electric: Not yet
Musical Wishlist: Fender Strat
Influences: All forms of rock
Style(s) of playing: Notes (boo chords!)
Regular Gigs: N/A
Greatest moment on stage: None yet
Solo Artist, or Band Member? nope
Any other information?: My name is Mark, and I am a rock star

#55 wood162001

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Posted 08 March 2004 - 10:29 PM

Name: Duane Woody
Age: 16
Location: North Carolina
Years playing: 4
Acoustic: Alvarez
Electric: Kh-2 Relic Esp
Influences: Jon Schaffer, Kurdt Vanderhoof, Gary Holt, John Mellencamp, Michael Wilton, John Fogerty, Dickey Betts
Style(s) of playing: Heavy Metal, Rock, Singer/Songwriter
Solo Artist, or Band Member?: Solo, but at times play with my 2 best friends.
String preference: Martin

#56 Marleyx1981x

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Posted 14 March 2004 - 06:48 AM

Name: Jared
Age: 12
Location: Texas
Years playing: 3 months
Gear -- Acoustic Guitar
-- Acoustic: Hohner
-- Electric:none
Musical Wishlist: Epiphone Les Paul Special (wood,brown), Ovation Adamas (blue, or black)
Influences: Bob Marley, Zack White
Style(s) of playing: Reggae, Rock
String preference: none
Any other information? none

#57 RSpimp

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Posted 17 March 2004 - 05:21 PM

Name: Ryan
Age: 19
Location: Tucson
Years playing: 1/2
Gear --
-- Acoustic: Ibanez AEG10
-- Electric: --------------
-- Other -----------------
Musical Wishlist: Umm.... I just started getting into guitars. Not really sure yet.
Influences: Eric Clapton, Kirk Hammet, Eddie Van Halen, Jack Black, and Kyle Guess. I would say Linkin Park, because they're my favorite band, but they don't have any acoustic songs. So as far as my guitar playing goes that's about it. There will be more later most likely.
Style(s) of playing: Just rock for now but I'm learning
Regular Gigs: Not yet.
Greatest moment on stage: I did sing an original song in front of a couple thousand of my pears.(Before I started playing guitar. I wrote the lyrics, and somebody else put music to it. It took us 3 days to write it.)
Solo Artist, or Band Member? I'm learning to be a solo artist, but possibly a lead guitarist in a band.
-- If applicable, name of band: N/A
String preference: D'Addarrio EXP16 for my acoustic
Any other information? Not really.

Edited by RSpimp, 27 March 2004 - 07:59 PM.

#58 skesal


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Posted 19 March 2004 - 06:27 AM

Name: Matt
Age: 17
Location: Southampton, PA
Years playing: about four years now...
Gear --
-- Acoustic: I've been exploring Dean acoustics lately, and Ovations...
-- Electric: Ibanez (insert model numbers), Gibson faded SG, and an Epiphone LP Standard
-- Other: keyboards and the effing ocarina
Musical Wishlist: An MJ custom... some go for about $20,000
Influences: I have mostly rock influences, but I do admire a good acoustic guitarist.
Style(s) of playing: rock 'n' roll, blues, and acoustic rock
Regular Gigs: I've done the school talent show once, played a few gigs at parties, etc.
Greatest moment on stage: It was when my old band did some rock covers...
Boston - More Than A Feeling
AC/DC - Back In Black
Pearl Jam - Even Flow
Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit
Rolling Stones - Gimme Shelter
Black Sabbath - Iron Man
-- If applicable, name of band: The Sex rolleyes.gif
String preference: D'addarios and Ernie Ball super slinky
Any other information?: I'm a lefty and I'm starting an acoustic group called 'The Springtime Failure'
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#59 eccentric4

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Posted 20 March 2004 - 11:34 PM

Name: Jimmy Henderson
Age: 21
Location: Daytona Beach, FL for school, I live in Toledo, OH
Years playing: One year this May
Gear --
-- Acoustic: '99 Yamaha F310 (not the gig bag set, this one's different
-- Electric:
-- Other
Musical Wishlist: A Martin...any, they sound perfect...and anything Ovation, love that sound
Influences: Dave Matthews Band, Bela Fleck
Style(s) of playing: Little of everything, slowly finding my groove in emo/alternative
Regular Gigs: I put on a personal show everyday, outside...but nobody usually comes, lol
Greatest moment on stage: n/a
Solo Artist, or Band Member? Solo artist/songwriter (can't sing to save my life
-- If applicable, name of band:
String preference: Martin Silk & Steel, by far
Any other information? My guitar always sounds better in someone elses hands

#60 deamhain

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Posted 21 March 2004 - 04:51 AM

Name: Bob
Age: 37
Location: Aberdeenshire
Years playing: 2 weeks!!
Gear --
-- Acoustic: Freshman PA 200D which I've had for...2 weeks!
-- Electric:
-- Other
Musical Wishlist: To be able to play. Then who knows?
Influences: I like Gary Moore, Alex Lifeson, all sorts really
Style(s) of playing: plink, twaaang, buzz...it's only been 2 weeks!
Regular Gigs: Not for a long time..used to sing back in the late 80's, early 90's
Greatest moment on stage: A girl jumping up and snogging me. Not a musical great moment but at least I'm honest.
Solo Artist, or Band Member? Artist? aha ha ha hee hee
-- If applicable, name of band: was "Minority of One"
String preference: so far, the 6 that came with the guitar
Any other information? Way back inn school I sang my way to a music 'o' Grade (probably Standard Grade or something to you youngsters) so I'm hoping I retained my musical ear and that might help me learn to play this resonating box with strings that I have procured in a moment of madness!

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