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my situation.. crappy living arrangements and jealous whores

01 July 2008 - 05:57 PM

Ok, so I live in China and have a Chinese girlfriend. She is a translator for some old foreign dudes small company. Her, her boss and her bosses girlfriend live in an apartment that is also their office, yeah I know. The boss has a wife in his own country of course, the other girl is just his bit on the side who is using him to get money and sending it back to her family. So i've been with my girlfriend for about 4 months, and just today she tells me that the bosses girlfriend says I can't stay the night there anymore. "It's the company office, blah blah", but actually she is just really jealous of my girlfriend and is being a bitch. Actually maybe the boss doesn't like me much either.

So tonight I'm thinking of just going over there and seeing what happens, either get in an argument with the boss and the tart, or they just let me stay as they know I can blackmail him. We live 30 mins apart, so we cant stay at mine every night. But on the other hand I don't want to cause trouble for my girlfriend. So if you were in my shoes what would you do?

Opeth - Watershed

01 June 2008 - 06:30 AM

Who has it already? What do you think? I've been listening to it for a week and it's grown on me. Not their best work, but still pretty good.

Coil - Possibly the most un-Opeth sounding like song they've ever done, but I really like. The female vocals surprised the hell out of me at first, but now I look forward to them while listening to the song.
Heir Apparent - ok, this sounds more like. What other band could go from a song like Coil to a really evil sounding metal riff. Pretty good song, my favourite part is the maniacal sounding acoustic bit halfway through. Actually a lot of the acoustic/clean parts in the album have this kind of sound. It's not as sad sounding as in previous work, more like the sound of a man growing insane.
The Lotus Eater - great song, some big surprises once the riffage stops about halfway through. Probably the best track on the album.
Burden - A kind of new vocal style in this one, like a rough bluesy kind of sound. I like it very much, and I have a feeling this is probably the direction they will end up going into as they inevitably fade out their death metal influences as Mikael starts to grow old. Gets a bit boring towards the end though.
Porcelain Heart - the single, well a cut down version. Cool monsterous sounding riff, I wasn't sure about the stop-start structure of it at first. A bit repetitive though.
Hessian Peel - really great song, the keyboards are particularly good.
Hex Omega - can't actually make a comment on this one, didnt make much of an impression.

When your gf or bf says "I love you" really early on

15 April 2008 - 06:55 PM

So my Chinese girlfriend of 2 weeks just messaged me to tell me she loves me. What the hell do I say? It's only been 2 weeks. I really like her, shes gorgeous, fun and even speaks good english, but I dunno what to say back. I think probably in the future I will love her, but right now its a bit weird to say that.

I don't find Western girls attractive anymore

07 April 2008 - 01:28 AM

So I've been in China for about 9 months, and now I can not even imagine myself being with a Western girl. They just don't do anything for me anymore. I mean, I liked asian girls before I came but now its like nothing else will do. I don't know whether this will change when/if I go back to the UK.

This grade 5 Chinese kid said to me...

01 April 2008 - 08:19 AM

"Mike do you like Hitler? I think he's boring".


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