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All Roads

05 July 2006 - 07:10 PM

Yeah, so this is another plain old "i was strummin along and look what came out" lol seem to be having a few of those lately. I already put the music in because as i said... strummin along... so here, enjoy try to play if you'd like and please let me know what you think.

Donít know where to start
Storyís almost over
Walkin down this road
Donít know whatís next
And I move on
To the next thing
The next town
The next heart
G, A/G, Em7, Cadd9
And I know
Iím alone
God Iím alone
Em7, Cadd9

All roads
Lead to home
Or so Iím told
All roads
Take me home
Blinds me like light

Curtains calling
Applause is booming
An I canít stand here
Em7 __________Cadd9
Wish away the endless tears
So I move on
To next thing
Who knows where Iíll go
Who knows where Iíll go

All roads
Lead to home
Or so Iím told
All roads
Take me home
And I need to be there tonight

No matter where I go
I will always know
I can count on you
To get me home

All roads
Lead to home
Or so Iím told
All roads
Take me home
All roads
Take me home

Iím already home

Cheers and good luck!

The Old Oak Tree

20 June 2006 - 09:05 AM

I have no idea where this came from or what, i mean i've never had an oak tree or anything, just strummin along and the words just came out... odd anyways here's The Old Oak Tree.

Standin outside again
feelin the pouring rain
I cant understand
why you left me again

But if you lose your way
darlin don't be 'fraid
i can never go away
from this

Under the old oak tree
is where you'll find me
waiting for the sun
hiding in the shade

If the maze is too tough
the hedges grow taller
you can't find your way
just remember

Under the old oak tree
is where you'll find me
wishing you'd come to
and know i'd love you

And if you lose your way
baby dont be 'fraid
cause i'll always be
under the old oak tree.

As always critiques welcomed flaming not so much.
Thanks guys,

Exception to the Rule

27 April 2006 - 07:22 PM

I wrote this at about quarter to four in the am but everyone who has seen it so far has liked it and commended it. So i want to see what the world of GTU thinks... So here is Exception to the Rule

Exceptions are made,
rules can be broken
yet here i am before you
in a pile of empty promises
screaming to an end yet
silence falls upon deaf ears
not knowing
truth held from sight
until the blind reveal
steps taken back
from boundless gains
yet no lies can fix it
the choice is mine
no in truth it is yours
make the choice to break
or simply walk away
minds of likeness
predicting each step
the dance grows tired
with each resounding beat
dreary are the movements
gone is the spark
no longer is the flame
set upon my hearth
yet i try to find
the way to the inside
each doorway locked,
the key melted away
no wonder i never knew
because no one cared to tell
now i sit and describe
the emotion from within
wondering if it's true
because you tell me it's a sin
resolve has foundered
strength cannot renew
time to rest these weary eyes
forever trust in you.


10 April 2006 - 08:23 AM

Some of you may remember way back when i made one of my first posts... it was a song called Freefall... at the time it recieved some review, didn't really help that the song was spread out over the post. So just recently i collected all verses, tweaked a lil bit and voila! newly dubbed Fallen here have a go.

Standin on a brigde
about to take flight
last thing i said to mom was
don't watch the news tonight

I was a joker at school
still no one knew
What would you have done
if i told you i was through

With one quick step
i could end it all
Never giving thought
to where i'll fall

life was a nightmare
and you were my dream
i told you i loved you
why didn't you believe

Please mom, don't cry
i'll always be with you
this time of need'll soon end
and trust me it's nothing new

if theres only one regret
it's that i haven't told you yet
i need to know your thoughts
what happens when i'm gone

so if you'll let me be
i'll fall into this life
i still wish i could fall
into your arms

All in all it's not enough
it's too bad you can't trust
i wanted you to know
you pushed me off of this bridge

the wind is sharp
like knives on flesh
can't decide now
what if just one chance

Screams of silence
i can't listen
my feet lift
and the air gets heavy

Taken aback
i turn around to see you
standing ther for me
i slipped into the blue

So i've fallen
the sky is dark
my last memory
is of your golden hair.

Man i don't know

03 April 2006 - 05:04 AM

So yeah the last couple of days have been a hellstorm of songs from me, and i got another one. It's way darker than anything i've ever written.. don't know what to do about it, but here it is...
Blood on my floor
the knife glistens
moonlight shadows
give me away

Tasting your life
my steel shines
tingles in my spine
as i watch you fade

darkness surrounding
we disappear
into forever
never going to reappear

Finding light
in my own hell
can't find my path
i slip and fall

Down into the deep
i knew i'd meet
the one who sent here
to face my fears

Crimson Skies over head
lightning strikes
my spine tingles
as i fade away

The Blade as i've so titled

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