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In Topic: Where Are They Now? GTUer Edition.

08 November 2021 - 02:00 PM

Mandible - I heard he got really into the early 2000's and no one ever saw him again.


Improviduto - Probably became a teacher or something. He really enjoyed being a moderator of an internet forum. 


Haggis - Hopefully this legendary Discussion mod is still doing his thing and drinking beers. 


Pegasus - I couldn't speculate what happened to this man, but he was funny, a good songwriter, and deserves acknowledgement. 


DXL - I don't know, but I remember this name and found him very intelligent and good for band/tv recommendations. 

Squeezebox - Guy was really funny, but I don't remember much else about him. I hope he is happy wherever he is and still making offensive jokes. 

Gavin - It's been like 17 years and I still remember his song that went "beautiful giiiiirl, you rock my world, shot an arrow through my heaaaaart" right down to the melody. I hope he's famous now and I just haven't noticed bc I don't listen to radio. 


PaulWAH - Remember next to nothing about him, but this is another user I enjoyed interacting with in my day. For the sake of closure, we will say that he is a successful architect in Olympia, Washington. 


Garagerocker - Lived in Philly. Probably frequented the same bars that I did when I wasn't a boring dude with a serious job and a serious relationship. This is one of the ones that I wish I had exchanged contact information with back in the day. 


Pbaxtersomething - I wonder what happened to him. Okay, no I don't. 


AcousticSmash - Became the mayor of a small town in Canada. 


Mrbung1e - Got married to Folkgirl. They have nine kids. 

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