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In Topic: ahh how inspiration flows

23 August 2004 - 12:59 PM

well you are all wrong. the song is actually about redemption. you see i am a christian (yes...the dreaded c word...mwahahahahaha) and so this song is all about how when we lose our way and stuff. it is also about a girl which i know seem's weird but i had 2 things on my mind at the time and i guess i tied them togeather. but thatnks for that. i diddint even think about the "bohemian rhapsody" connection so that's cool. not that im gonna change it becuase i have had some great responses @ home but cheer's for the comments.
peace out

In Topic: all i have so far, im stuck and need help

15 August 2004 - 03:54 PM

outside the sky was a deep red with rage
a vengence that is shallow but gets deeper with age

[FONT=Times][COLOR=orange]this was my favourite part from the the song. the imagry is great and it is such a poowerful metaphor. i have one problem with this peice. i dont understand what it is about but your use of imagry is excellent. can you fill us in on what it is all about?

In Topic: Happy face

09 August 2004 - 04:57 PM

i actually like the idea. we all know ppl who have gone through these thing's even if we dont know that they are. a friend of mine dies from sliting her wrist and i felt really guilty about it afterward. but heu nuff said about my private life about the song.


if you dont know me
why do you judge me
you all point your fingures
laughter all around me

you stereotype who
you think you know
but do you know yourself at heart

it's alright but as imadique said had been done b4. trying to be imaginative

thats all i have to say for now because i have to go but i will post some more later.

In Topic: some days

08 August 2004 - 05:51 PM

yeah i know the song your thinkin of drummer. it goes

it's just one of those day's when you dont wanna wake up
yeah eveybody's f**ked, everybody sucks...."

thats the impression it gave me aswell. kinda like a bad limb bizkit hash up.

In Topic: My apology

08 August 2004 - 05:46 PM

yeah it could work. i have a band at the moment called " five cents short " and when ever we play ppl throw five cent coins at us. pretty cool way to make money dont ya think

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