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In Topic: Hey my band just finished our demo

12 February 2006 - 01:42 PM

QUOTE (noodle69 @ Feb 12 2006, 09:27 AM)
definately music from the ass of satan !

really liked it !
think you may need to remaster the vox , they arent loud enough !
but its quite well produced and executed even tho your guitarist gets a little carried away with the  artificial pinch harmonics.
tell him to experiment withe them , he will find more interesting ones further up or down the string!!!!

good luck !!!

lol yea im the guitarist... lol yea i love pinch harmonics, but it's a rareity when i get a good one... i blame it partly on my pickups, (stock rg320DX) pickups and partly on my technique... See we only had thge money to pay for one day of recording, and we had 5 songs we wanted to record... so pretty much everything cept for the drum tracks was done in one takem, so we really didnt have time for me to go back and patch up those harmonics, eventhough i begged... lol and it didnt hurt that towards the end of the recording session the dudes recording us were getting pretty wasted lol, but it was fun and all... hey and any advice you could give me on getting better sounds from my harmonics would be greatly appriciated... i usually tend to do then around 3 or 4 inches from the bridge thats where i find it most comfortable to get a decent sound... anyways thanks for listening.

In Topic: Is this a good idea or just stupid?

08 January 2006 - 08:23 PM

Well, luckily... i wont have to worry about getting 2 2x12's coz a buddy of mine if planning on selling me a 1960 jcm 900 cab for pretty cheap. and i guess ill just stick with my crappy peavey 1x12 for home practice. so i think thats what im gonna do.... although 2 2x12's woulda looked sooo cool on stage... oh well. thanks for the input.

In Topic: suppresors and gate

06 January 2006 - 11:36 AM

QUOTE (thrAsher***X @ Jan 6 2006, 07:12 PM)
thanks dude.........oh and i like ur band guitar.gif

no prob, and thanks...

PS i posted my same question about noise gates and supressors on another message board and a fellow gave me this post back... it helped me so i figured it may help you too, since were both compressor/ noise gate newbs...
here ya go...

You don't need a compressor, but I would recommend getting one, or at least trying one out. The effect it will have on what you hear is more than likely going to be of improvement to your sound. It's sort of hard to explain how, but I know for a fact that I like the sound I am getting with a compressor in my rack than without one--it sort of evens it out and brings it forward. But like, you can add the compressor to your setup and you'll notice stuff like tapping coming through stronger and clearer, etc.

But there are a lot of different compressors. The best ones are rackmount, but if you're looking for among the best, be prepared to spend thousands. But you can still get a great rackmount compressor for like $80 and up. And you can always go the route of pedal compressors (around $100 all in all for the more common ones). But I would recommend going rackmount for your compressor because they typically offer more options and controls compared to the pedal versions.

Were I looking for a pedal compressor, I'd probably consider (MXR DynaComp):

For rackmount, there were two major pieces I considered, the Alesis 3630 and Behringer Composer Pro XL (these two are among your best options for around this price range):

^(I personally ended up choosing the 3630 myself.)

It's also of note that both of those 2 rackmount compressors also feature a built-in adjustable gate... meaning you would not need to buy a noise gate. The noise gate on the 3630 works great... set the threshold and rate, and it'll kick right in based on your settings.

As for multiple channels... the above 2 pieces of equipment feature 2 channels. Meaning you could use one 'device' through it in stereo (left on one channel, right on other), or you could put one 'device' through one channel and another 'device' through the other channel. So with one of the above rackmounts, you'd have a compressor & gate for up to two 'devices' (and by devices.... you know, like a guitar, bass, audio signal, etc).

But if you are looking for more channels, you'd need to consider another setup where the compressor offers as many channels as you need (or just buy more compressors), and you'd then need to buy a noise gate which offers as many channels as you need. In terms of rackmount equipment, you sort of have a lot of options to go with. For example, if you needed 4 channels for different 'devices'... you could (A) arrange a compressor for the stuff you want and buy a noise gate with appropriate # of channels, (cool.gif just buy two of the 3630's or Composer Pro's (giving you 4 channels which feature compressor and gating, which you can disable either of such function on any channel), or etc...

Oh... and as for noise gates in pedal form... the BOSS NS-2 is a great choice:

Hope this helps some.

In Topic: suppresors and gate

05 January 2006 - 10:42 PM

Lol, i guess your in the same boat as me dude... in my experience looking for a noise gate ive seen that you can get a decent pedal one, (like a rocktron hush or a boss ns-2) for under 75... both of those pedals are getting pretty good reviews in harmony-central... if i decide to go with pedals instead of rack gear im gonna get one of those...
lol i know me replying to this is like the blind leading the blind but hey, just trying to help. smile.gif

In Topic: Whats the ohmage on this cab?

29 December 2005 - 10:08 PM

alright looks like im good to go, thanks bro.

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