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Is there an amp that does this?

22 February 2006 - 09:11 PM

Ok so im planning on parting with my practice amp, and i was wondering if there is a practice amp that does this... Anyways, is there a practice amp that has the ability to record me playing like a rythem part or 1/2 of a harmony riff then play it back for me to try and come up with a lead/solo or other half of the harmony. Well coz i know when i write most of my music i plug a crappy danelectro black coffee pedal straight to my computer via microphone jack and record with a program i downloaded off harmony central. And i know if i had an amp that does all that then it would save me so much time and so much bending over behind the computer to plug stuff in. anyways, any feedback would be appriciated.

Hey my band just finished our demo

11 February 2006 - 02:48 PM

www.myspace.com/ascandaltoremember check it out, It's that whole metalcore/metal thing with a dash of southern pride thrown in there... so take a listen and tell me what you think. = )

Compressor and a noise gate?

04 January 2006 - 10:22 PM

K, so i get wretched feedback from my amp(b-52 at-100) with my guitar(ibanez rg320dx) with the stock pickups... and im about to order new, much hotter pickups sometime next week... Well, im sending my amp back to guitar center next week also to get a new one because gain channel 1 dosnt have any gain... and im hoping that some of that feedback problem will be cured by a new amp aswell. ANYWAYS, i was thinking, what if it's not? So i'm planning on investing in a noise gate and possibly a compressor while im at it. These are my questions...
1. Should i even worry with a compressor? Does it really make that big a difference with the type of music i play? (metal/metalcore)
2. If i should invest in one whats the best?
3. whats the best noise gate?
4. Should i go with A pedal style noise gate and compressor? or just go all out and buy rack mountable ones?
5. lol sorry so many quesitons... but if i went with a rack mount one... and i bought a noise gate with mutiple channels, can i plug into it and the other guitarist in my band plug into it too?
i know these prolly seem like dumb questions but you'll never know until you ask smile.gif

Whats the ohmage on this cab?

29 December 2005 - 07:53 PM

ok, so i bought a new head a couple weeks ago. I dont have a cab yet. so i asked a buddy of mine, whos a big time gear head if he'd let me use his cab for this show my band is playing saturday. anyways its a 1960 or so marshall jcm 900 cab and i need to know the ohmage... lol i know i could just call him and ask him but i dont wanna sound like a douchebag lol. anyways, i know it should say over the inputs but it has 16 ohms on one input 8 on the other and 4 on the top side of the first input... anyways. help is appriciated.... ok so i just read on a website that its 4 or 16 ohms mono ... 8 stereo... ok so if i was running a full stack i would set my head to 8 ohms? i dont know this stuff confused the heck outa me... anyways i play through a b-52 at-100. you can set the impedence on my head to either 4,8, or 16... so since im running just one of these cabs whats should i set it too?

Is this a good idea or just stupid?

28 December 2005 - 12:48 AM

Anyways, im in need of a cab... i play with a b-52 at-100. Its a 100 watt tube amp for anyone who isnt aquainted. anyways, im planning on buying from avatar, buying used isnt a big deal. anyways, im contemplating buying 2 2x12 cabs because i would hate having to lug that big ole head and a 4x12 to and from practice so i can practice at home. so i figured buy 2 2x12 so i can take on home with me for prac and leave the other one a our practice space... and i figured two 2x12's would be easier transported. i was planning on putting either eminence "texas heats" or "swamp things" in them coz that would make each of the cabs 150 watts a piece. anyways is this a dumb idea?

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