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In Topic: A wave of new rock albums...anyone else notice?

14 April 2006 - 10:07 PM

I tihnk there is plenty of good music out there.

I second whoever said Jam bands. Jam bands are great.
Prog-rock is huge, the mars volta for example, great band with a now huge following.
Post-rock is a really cool genre, bands like Sigur Ros, Mogwai, Explosions in the Sky etc. THey are pumping outmusic that is so different from mainstream stuff and so good.
Sufjan Stevens! Listen to him, he is amazing.
there is plenty of good music out there, and it might not be all about great guitar solos but its good music. Even some rap songs, a good song is a good song no matter what the genre is. For example i love the Gorillaz for their music, even though they have more raps then guitar solos. And wihle a lot of the stuff out today I cant stand, just like the rest of you, i think there is planty of music to listen to, you just have to be open to it.

In Topic: One week without my guitars

11 January 2006 - 05:57 PM

QUOTE (Hobs911 @ Jan 10 2006, 06:54 PM)
QUOTE (sixgunsound @ Jan 10 2006, 12:46 PM)
Find a nice French girl and the rest will work itself out - you won't miss your guitar and you can get plenty of finger exercises.

hahahahaha holy hell hahahahaha* falls off stool laughing till stomach hurts, regains conchenceness and realizes im never goin to france in fact ill never get out of Alabama*starts to cry

word of the day.

Honestly, 6-8 hours a day? That means that you basically eat, sleep and play guitar. Well you will be fine, there are billions of people who have gone a lot longer than a week without guitar.

In Topic: With a $400 budget

28 December 2005 - 10:10 PM

If you are looking to buy new then i would say an MIM fender strat or tele, very good buys for the money, but if you look around at local shops you could find some good used stuff for very cheap.

In Topic: New amp

28 December 2005 - 12:20 PM

I cant control the distortion on the amp uless i turn it up really loud. There is only one volume so I have to rely on pushing the amp higher to get distortion.
Also there isnt a mid range control on the amp, only treble and bass so i was wondering what a good equalizer pedal might be.

thanks agian

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