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In Topic: With which did you start?

21 April 2008 - 12:48 PM

I started on the acoustic a while back and learnt all the basics on it, I only bought an electric guitar because my mate happened to be selling one and I figured i could upgrade. I think a teacher told me early on that it's easier to learn on the acoustic. When I'm writing i use the acoustic normally (unless i wanna mess about with whammy) and then transfer it onto the electric, but only because im probably to lazy to plug it in. All in all, i reckon its easier to learn on the acoustic guitar to start with, cos theres no bass, treble etc involved, but i dont think theres any real advantage to it.

In Topic: String muting regarding slash chords.

20 April 2008 - 03:02 AM

thanks for all the replies guys, im once again grateful for this website. I guess it comes down to the more you practice, the easier a position will get. The thumb position describes by igorski mutes it perfectly but in the long term can tend to cause strain on my thumb (please dont ask how big my fingers are!) the other position is muting it with the first finger which frets the second fret on the low E, using that finger to mute it. I have no problem with the high E since I can strum five string easily. I'm starting to get it now anyway, but thanks for all the replies, really helpful.

In Topic: Guitar magazines

19 April 2008 - 03:28 AM

In the UK, I tried all the guitar magazines and I think that Guitar Techniques is the best. Comes out monthly, has a cd and lessons inside to improve your different techniques, from simple chord changes to advanced picking. They transcribe a couple of tunes each edition, and give you lessons in blues, rock, indie and loads of other styles of playing. It's really helpful way of getting more out of your guitar playing.

In Topic: Apologize

15 April 2008 - 03:42 PM

As with most people who listen to the radio or go clubbin as much as me, I am sick to death of this track by now, but I always like hearing covers to see how people recreate the music to give it their own personal touch. I liked the first verse for the simplicity, just the piano and vocals, gives it a live, toned down feel which you can't get with the original. The problem comes with the chorus (and sorta with the vocals) when this song tries too hard to recreate Timbaland-style production. The Phil Collins-esque echo on the voice I don;t think really adds anything. Don't take this the wrong way, I think you have a good voice and it's strong enough to go on it's own without the effect, and would actually give the song more feeling without it. As for the beats in the chorus, it's too close to the original, and it takes away the feeling you've created for this song. I feel this song could be so much better as a sorta acoustic, with just the piano, voice and maybe adding a few more instruments later on, a synth brass section or something. As I said, you seem to be masking your talent using beats as voice enhancers. I think you're strong enough to carry this song on your own, do it. Well done tho, good job.

In Topic: Loved You Yesterday ( New Song )

15 March 2008 - 06:14 PM

I like the song, you had me hooked from the three chord rise that is throughout the song. the lyrics are good, the first verse really paints a picture and the chorus reminds me of a relationship I've been in recently so those words really work. Lyrically i wouldn't touch it because songs like this are only ruined if too much work is put into them. Recording wise, you've done a good job, I've yet to discover a good way to record in my acoustic-less home. Good beats as well, my praise goes out to your friend and FL, which is, btw, an extremely good programme to use for drum beats, I would reccomend it to anyone (and no, i dont work for them!)

Good track. well done. Ill check out the rest of your songs as well.

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