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In Topic: Marshall gain question

04 December 2006 - 07:28 AM

Just bought a Guv'nor. Straight away I knew it was the pedal I was looking for! I'd kinda turned my back on those Marshall pedals after trying a few and being disappointed (Bluesbraker, and a few others which slip my mind). But a few seconds on this baby and I knew I's struck gold. the pedal looks really classy too!

Anyway, big thank you to kurtlives and buke-your help is much appreciated.


In Topic: Marshall gain question

30 November 2006 - 06:55 AM

Indeed I have not, is this my safest bet? I'll give it a shot. Cheers

In Topic: What's your favorite wah song?

29 November 2006 - 01:56 PM

Superstupid by Funkadelic

Come On by The Verve

In Topic: Tragic Death

27 November 2006 - 02:15 AM

I agree with Kaytee, Death does come across as a bit of a tit in this, that's my real reservation. As if it were someone in the 'Scream' mask trying to frighten someone, or trying to be over-sincere. The opening line sets the bar low I think, and the rest suffers. I just don't get the feeling this is how a person making a pact with Death would feel like in their final hours.

There's some good use of words and ideas, but the whole vibe is akin to when Blink 182 tried to go all dark and mysterious, it kind of shoots itself in the foot. It's not a particularly sombre piece, more a Hollywood, throwaway dealing of the matter. Maybe, though, Im reading way too much into it.

As I've said though, you are a good writer, some of your past works I have been impressed by. I believe you're capable of way more. If you were to document a troubled man's last night on earth, that would be something. Maybe it's because I'm from Scotland and we have a shockingly high rate of male suicide (I believe the highest in Europe anyway) for the 18-35 age range.

In Topic: No Love

25 November 2006 - 09:02 AM

Is it about rape? Men (who are still behaving like little boys in some aspects of their life) overpowering and forcing girls into sex as if it's a game, much like one they would play as a child (cowboys and indians, cop and robbers etc). The male treats the situation like a kid's game, and is thus expecting an outcome that they desire because, in their eyes, it's only a game and also because they are accustomed to getting whatever they want in these fantasy/make-believe/imaginary contexts?

I guess the current example would be the sickening news story this week of the US soldiers in court this week for supposedly breaking into the home of an Iraqi family, locking the family in a room upstairs, then singling out and subjecting the 14 year old daughter to rape.

Let me know Kaytee, or PM me if it's still an on-going mystery

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