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For Sale UK. Line 6 Variax/Amp/Pedal

11 June 2009 - 12:04 PM

Hey all,

I've got a bundle of line 6 stuff that I need to sell (times are hard and the band is dead anyway)

I'll copy and paste in the details from what will eventualy be an ebay listing.

No chance of delivery as its a lot of heavy stuff and (for the moment) all sold as a bundle, so pick up only, or if your not far away from Fife then I could deliver personally.

Anyway the goods:

So the full line up of this kit is:

1. Line 6 Variax 300 (Black)

The Variax 300 is a modelling guitar that features 25 different tone settings to emulate the classic guitars of the ages. Tones are fully customisable with use of the Workbench software available at Line6.com. I have used the guitar a bit for both Live and Recording session and it has proven it's worth in both with it's versatility. It has no defects and appears as new.

Line 6 Variax Gig Bag  
orignal Pilot's Handbook (cute Line 6 speak for "manual")
XPS Power Supply Unit and XPS analogue cable
Variax Digital Inteface (VDI) cable (for use with Variax Workbench and POD Xt Live)

2. Line 6 Variax Workbench VDI-to-USB adapter

The VDI-USB adapter allows a Variax gutiar to be connected directly to a PC (or Mac) in order to import or export new custom guitar tones/models between the Guitar and the PC. Essential piece of Kit if full advantage is to be taken when using the Variax.

Comes with a CD of software but latest versions of the software can be downloaded free at Line6.com.

3. Dunlop "Jimi Hendrix" Wah-Wah Pedal

A dedicated Wah-wah pedal built to the specifications of that used by Jimi Hendrix. Provides a great tonal variation of the standard Crybaby wah-wah from Dunlop.

4. Line 6 Flextone II (1x12) 60 watt amplifier.

The Flextone II amp is a modeling amplifier which, like the Variax, allows the amp to be tweaks to produce a tone similar to that of classic models like Marshall's or Fender amps. I originally used it as such prior to picking up the POD Xt Live (see below). With the POD Xt Live I use the amp more as a large speaker with the effects unit bypassed as I use the POD Xt's effects and not the amps.

The sound from the amp (whether effected or not) is great and the power from the amp allows it to produce great sounds in both small and medium sized venues however I would always recommend the amp be mic'd up in medium to large venues and pumped through the soundboard.

Original Pilot's Handbook
FB4 Foot selector pedal for quick changing between 4 different amp models
Power Cable
FB4 connector cable
Spare EPROM chip provided free by Line 6 in order to ensure the longevity of the device - should it need it (I got the chip as a precaution but have never needed to replace it as yet).
An A-B foot selector pedal - I used this to switch between using the amp and the main soundboard for those times when a more acoustic sound was required (prior to the POD Xt Live).

5. Line 6 POD Xt Live

The POD Xt Live is an amp modelling foot controller that features over 35 amp models and 24 cabinet models and 4 mic models. It also comes with 10 variations on Stomp Boxes and 11 modulation effects. It's a beast of a device. The model I purchase came with a free upgrade of the FX Junkie model pack which boosts the available effects models on the device.

It can be used as a normal effects pedal but is designed to work even more efficiently with a Variax guitar. The POD Xt Live has a VID input which can both control the patch being used on the variax and also power the device (no need for additional battery pack or using the XPS PSU).

Like the Variax and the Flextone the models and patches on the POD Xt Live can be customised both through the device itself (using the knob selectors and the inbuilt LCD panel) or via usb connection with a PC (or Mac). The POD will also provide the same connection to the Variax that the VIDto USB adapter does (if you don't have it handy).

I have purchased two additional amp packs for the POD Xt Live. The Collector Classics which adds 18 more classic guitar amp tones and alos the Bass Expansion pack which adds 22 bass amps and 22 bass cabinets to the device. The bass expansion really comes to the fore coupled with the Variax which, through workbench, can be customised to provide a real bass guitar sound. I have used this bass configuration on a number of recorded tracks with my band and it is as good as any mid priced dedicated bass.

Device is as new, no defects etc.

USB Cable
A Rockbag carry case
The 2 additional amp packs already mentioned.

Photos of the gear

I'm looking for 650 ono (negotiation very welcome and as a pointer I'll be putting the ebay auction -if it gets that far- at 450 to start)

Reply if you are interested.

I am happy to consider purchase of one of the items in the bundle (providing I am able to sell the others off as well)



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