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In Topic: I imagine you're all sick of "hey, how've you been?" posts, but

12 March 2017 - 12:32 PM

Childish tweet sent. The Pool, isn't that Lauren Laverne's project? Very cool and a novel is an amazing project. You always were creative and it's good to see you've made a career out of it. From someone who is now a c-level suit in manufacturing it doesn't half make me wistful.

I live in Chicago with my wife, nearly 3 year old son and 1 month old daughter. I'm finally happy, or at the very least on the fringes of happiness - certainly not utterly miserable, and that really is a great thing.

Still make weird songs, got fatter though. That's 'Merica!


It IS Lauren Laverne's project. She's my boss now, and a cracking one. 


I can't believe you're a father! Twice! PAPA HERR. HERR VADER. It feels so weird that you have a job and a wife and a location when you were just an amorphous third-person that I tried to impress constantly. I still have my 3 Herr Marks sewn into my clothes like gold doubloons. 

In Topic: I imagine you're all sick of "hey, how've you been?" posts, but

12 March 2017 - 12:09 PM


Hey-oh, how the heck are you?

I came back nearly a year ago - there's a lot of solace here. And nerdiness.

Woggie passed away in 2013, Sharon (wizzywozza) passed away last year. Everybody seems to be having kids at the moment (guilty...2). Dadfad still looks after guitar q&a and haggis still pops in to buy a beer every now and then.

So, details, what part of the world/life are you conquering at the moment?
And here's a thread with a few more people coming back https://www.guitarzo...d-users/page-1#





I'm really good! Bullet points: I'm a writer and I live in London now. I work for a women's website called The Pool and I have a novel coming out next year. I live with a dude and I'm a white lady who does yoga. What about you man?? Tell me everything. Or add me on Twitter or something: @czaroline


I'm sorry to hear about woggie and Sharon. I didn't have a lot of contact with either, but they were great users. 



I'm guilty of being sexist and gross towards you. Deepest apologies.


Were you? The only one I remember being creepy was vodoogav, who once invited himself to my hometown over MSN. 


LULA! Good to know u're doing well:) not much changed here just us man Childs keeping the place alive. I'm happy to hear u have good memories, hopefully they've served u well in life, if ever a moment of despair befell u.

All in all I'm good. Having ruined an umpteenth relationship I'm resigned to a fate of arranged marraiage back home. Sounds silly from a grown man but the whole Confucian filial piety has done a number on us Asian kids n putting family before self has been my way as of late. Professionally speaking I'm still where I was 10 years ago n no respite in sight, so yeah I'm banking on ubi kicking in soon :P I got to travel a whole lot. That's def been the highlight of past 10 years, also I've morphed from a scrawny torso with twigs to almost an almost fitness buff :)

Sorry for Hijacking ur thread. So good to hear from u again n I hope u visit more often. We still have a worthwhile convo once in a while here.


Wow dude, hi! Well done on plucking up the courage to a) get married and B) using the phrase "Confucian fillial piety" in a sentence. Best of luck with your new wife and your new tight bod



Hi Caroline. =) I hope you're doing well, darlin'. It makes me happy to hear that you felt understood here.

No kids for me. Still not gay. The woman I was planning to propose to moved out in November. That, in the end, was so much better for the both of us.


I also have no kids and am not gay, don't worry about it. Sorry about the wummin. I'd love to get you on Twitter/Facebook/whatever. I used to love our 6 hour msn chats about Les Miserables. You can get me here!

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