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I imagine you're all sick of "hey, how've you been?" posts, but

12 March 2017 - 08:52 AM

Y'know how in Peter Pan, Wendy is forced into domestic life and has to grow old, but Peter and the Lost Boys get to go on fighting pirates in Neverland forever? That's how I feel today, logging back into my GTU account for the first time in five years. I'm old and sighing at windows all the time, but everyone else is still as electric and eloquent and silly as they ever were. There's something kind of dazzling about scrolling the boards and finding that Derf and Six and the Major and Herr and, well, SO MANY of them men I spent my teens talking to are still here, still talking, still exchanging ideas. 


I started my life as a GTUer in 2004, as a lonely 14 year old living in Ireland. I genuinely feel like this place is the first place I ever felt heard, or listened to, or understood. I feel like I learned how to be myself by posting on this forum. Which is weird, because virtually every woman I talk to has an opposite story about their experience with male-dominated forums: it's generally one of exclusion, or just kinda gross sexism. So, thanks, you guys, for just being my friends. 


So hey, hi, hello, how are you? What have I missed? Who is married, who's gay, who's a dad? 

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