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Where to start...Well currently I live in WV. In Fairmont, just south of Morgantown. I ended up here after attempting to go to college for things I wasn't interested in at all. I actually was born in Baltimore. Moved up to near where I am now in 96. Pretty much half grew up in a city, half grew up in the middle of nowhere. Decided that I didn't want to spend my life working in a small grocery store, so I went to college. But nothing really made me want to finish. I was in Music Ed, loved the theory class, but hated everything else. I didn't want to teach in a school anyway. Then I went to business, which was boring, then on to criminal justice. Neither one felt right. So I just stopped going. Ended up having a kid and now I work at Wal-Mart. ######ing ironic that I end up in a bigger version of what I tried to get away from in the first place.


More pertinent to here, I have done quite a bit of work with music in my life. Started with me pickup up guitar at age 10. I spent a lot of time on it. I really didn't have friends, go out and do anything, didn't really do anything but play. So I'd be spending 8 or so hours a day on it. I played my first gig at 13. Did my first recording at 16. My uncle did sound engineering and recording, so I was familiar with the whole process. I was in a band with two friends I've known my entire life pretty much. The official name we used to record with was 30 Ton War Machine. It just sounded cool to 16 year old us. I did that until I left for college. It was always fun. I love trying to create something, the whole process of trying to figure out how to get the tones and sounds I wanted. I got to do some cool stuff, even do a little thing for the radio station. It was a little slice of I think bands that are signed actually do. I had a lot of nice gear in that time too, a few LP Customs, a prized '72 Strat, some old Kramers, a few SGs, and a few others. I sold some before I stopped recording and others before I went to school. I thought I was making an investment in my future. But I got pretty bad into drinking. It kinda spiraled down pretty fast. I guess I drank because I felt like I'd peaked already. Like I had nothing else to do really.


So I went off to college. I got my drinking under control, but I was just unmotivated to do anything. That led me to Wal-Mart where I currently am. Life sure isn't what I thought it would be. I'm in debt over $50,000 that I have to pay back now even though I can't afford to live now. Work drives me crazy and I've got a kid to take care of. But it's because of all that that I'm trying to work towards something better. Now I can play and write and not be clouded by drugs or alcohol. I can work on music and still have a day job that doesn't require anything outside of work. So even though it seems bad, it's not that bad. It's the motivation I've needed. Mainly though, it's so my son can have it better than I did. The whole experience has really taught me to just be grateful to wake up and see what's around, you know? Sure I'm ######ing poor all the time, Wal-Mart drives me crazy, the place I rent is falling apart, but to me it's just all something to experience. Plus, it all can make for some great music too. I used to be angry at all that, but now I'm working towards something. Trying to find me some bandmates, writing new stuff, practicing a hell of a lot more, working towards where I want to be instead of just doing nothing. Sure, I might never be rich, but as long as I can play a guitar ###### can't be all that bad.

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    Washburn X-50 Pro Q
    Fender MIM Strat w/CS 69's
    '87 Ibanez RG560 w/EMG 85

    Vox Valvetronix VT20+
    Fender Champ 25SE
    Smokey mini amp

    BBE Green Screamer (one with the plane on it)
    Dano Chorus

    I really like the black jazz 3's and the Dunlop Hetfield black fang picks. Just throwing that in there.

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