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In Topic: Computer Maintenance and you.

23 July 2008 - 03:30 PM

Defragging is a must. The only thing that ever causes it to restart is the network. You can disable this by going to Start/Network Connections and then rightclick on the LAN device. You can disable, and then later reenable, the network on this menu.

When downloading updates to software, do not RUN them from the net, download them and then install them. Burn them to a CD before installing, as some installers are just stubs, while others modify themselves to mark that they have been used. Software that does either of these is questionable, unethical, and should be avoided.

Reformatting the HD is not an option. It MUST be done!!! Do you never spring clean the house? Is your car a garbage dump? Of course not! Then why allow your computer to be that way. If you want ANY machine to work, you must not only maintain it, but must learn it, and understand it. If you've done these things, you won't have problems, nor will you need help. If you still need help, you have not yet understood.

In Topic: PM me for help if you're having a hard time.

23 July 2008 - 03:01 PM

The Windows Installer should be listed in the Control Panel/Add Remove Programs.

However, the two issues I specifically mentioned do not involve uninstalling WindowsInstaller.

With MSOffice, each time a new user logs into the PC, Windows Installer will run to configure MS Office for that user. This is a Microsoft "feature".

The Symantec AV issue is different. Here, we use a corporate version that can sometimes get corrupted when applying updates. To solve, I have to uninstall Symantec AV and then reinstall it.

All software installs/removals should be done within the Control Panel/Add Remove Programs. Software that does not create an entry in AddRemove is BAD software, usually malware or a virus, or just wannabe lazy programmers. Either way, AVOID this type of software at ALL costs.

Having said all that, long winded that I am, your issue could still be different.

It would help you, specifically, and me, to help you, to more accurately describe the issue at hand. Just telling someone about a vague memory of an error message isn't helpful, and will take longer to have you test, and me to diagnose.

It NEVER hurts to include screenshots of the error message, or of the entire desktop. To get the active window, press CTRL+PRNTSCRN, and then open Paintbrush and paste. This should give you a picture of the error message. Pressing PRNTSCRN alone will copy the entire desktop, that you can also paste into Paintbrush. However, for speed and clarity, the first option is the best.

In Topic: HTML Help

24 June 2008 - 02:07 PM

And in this case, the ebooks would already have the WC3 tag from the software that created them. If not, they cannot be considered valid HTML, and thus should be viewed with EXTREME caution.


In Topic: Audacity issues

24 June 2008 - 02:04 PM


Having dealt firsthand with the Messengers (of death) in a corporate IT environment, and seeing firsthand the issues related to them, I have no problem recommending to just get rid of them. Regardless of any issues at hand, installing ANY piece of software that insists on starting up with Windows is just BAD advice. Only the software that is in use at any given time should be loaded and running. The messengers are always on, even when you are not. That is not only a performance issue, it IS a security issue. Not to mention that most of them are just hogs.

When recording, only the recording application should be open. And even if uninstalling is not the best advice, learning how to make them not turn on with Windows is invaluable.

Always, ALWAYS, read the manual BEFORE installing or using software. Knowing what you are doing before you 'do' will prevent problems from arising for the lack of knowledge.


In Topic: HTML Help

24 June 2008 - 01:57 PM

Before opening ANY file, you should open it in Notepad first. If it's valid HTML, you'll see the WC3 tag at the top. If it's not there, then you should be very careful opening ANY unknown file in the browser.


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