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In Topic: Kurt Cobain

30 November 2006 - 09:19 PM

and btw the offspring are too back together. Green Day is great and all... but all their songs and albums sound the same. thats okay cause we love it...but to say they are the ebst thing for the punk and pop scene....get real. The offspring are entertainign and still putting out music today as well. id take offspring over green day any day. especially cause offspring doesnt show up to concerts and gigs drunk and high to the point you cant understand them and they arent yelling "F*** yeah!!!" on stage for half an hour between each song liek greenday. haha

In Topic: Kurt Cobain

30 November 2006 - 09:14 PM

umm...Kurt did heroin....not cocain...your joke isnt even funny if he did cocain anyway haha. This argument is kinda pointless and dragged on alot. anyone with a real sense of music should know and not always nessisarily like Cobain, but should know that he changed the face of rock and if looked for, kind find his influence in almost all rock bands today. he may not have been good at guitar, but he played and wrote with passion. complexity doesnt always equal greatness. you make yourself look dumb by saying the most influencial man in modern rock is ###### or unskilled. seriously.

i cant believe this forum hasnt been deleted yet hahaha

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