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#3527852 How r u spending time in quarantine?

Posted by Graeme! Yes, Graeme! on 07 April 2020 - 10:02 AM


I’m doing okay. Bored, frustrated, a little bit of cabin fever? Of course. But also appreciating I’m pretty lucky - I’m still on full pay at work despite my store being closed, I have plenty to do at home between chores, music, movies, books, games. I can’t wait to get out for an expensive meal and enjoy every second of it though

#3508168 I lost my Mojo

Posted by Graeme! Yes, Graeme! on 02 April 2017 - 07:19 PM

God, is it already a year? That's scary.

Of course, Rick, you getting together with Sharon was almost miraculous, when you think about it. Years after you first met, different ends of the world... it was a fairy tale and it was beautiful. And to us idiots here it was a symbol of hope. No matter the odds and the time, there is always the chance of something amazing, of that wonderful happiness.

Maybe what you need is a break. Recovery is hard and everyone in every situation handles it differently. The music will never go away, it will just be waiting for you to come back when you're ready

#3507631 Apple vs. PC

Posted by Graeme! Yes, Graeme! on 02 March 2017 - 05:54 PM

I have been PC all my life. However, Windows 8 was fucking trash. 10 is better, but I still don't like it. Based on what I use my computer for - media, both recording and consuming, I am seriously considering a change to Apple for my next computer. Everyone I know who has one has had theirs for years before needing a new one - way longer than any desktop or laptop I have had. If only they weren't so pricey.

#3507464 Since we're all getting old anyway, I figured I'd let you guys know f...

Posted by Graeme! Yes, Graeme! on 23 February 2017 - 08:29 AM

Your sperm work!

#3506729 Everything President Trump

Posted by Graeme! Yes, Graeme! on 25 January 2017 - 06:10 PM

So far he's signed executive orders that are damaging to the environment, damaging to women's rights, trampling over belief systems. 


But hey, let's give him a chance, right?

#3506726 Feminists

Posted by Graeme! Yes, Graeme! on 25 January 2017 - 06:00 PM

I'm a feminist. Just saying. 




Most people are feminists. They just don't shove it down your throat.

#3506721 DOGS!

Posted by Graeme! Yes, Graeme! on 25 January 2017 - 05:29 PM

This is my dog. His name is Frisk. He is an Australian Shepherd, which means he is very active, very lively, very clever. He also does phenomenal derp face.



#3504024 went on a date

Posted by Graeme! Yes, Graeme! on 21 November 2016 - 11:05 AM


#3503693 went on a date

Posted by Graeme! Yes, Graeme! on 16 November 2016 - 01:36 PM

This is completely unacceptable.


I have also now stolen it.

#3503451 Doctor Strange

Posted by Graeme! Yes, Graeme! on 11 November 2016 - 07:47 AM

Plot wise the movie is paper thin. It is held up by the charm of its stars and the stunning visuals. I enjoyed it because I love the imagination that goes into those visuals and I enjoyed the performances.

#3503436 Woogierama

Posted by Graeme! Yes, Graeme! on 10 November 2016 - 08:31 PM

I am very upset with 2016.

#3502434 Woogierama

Posted by Graeme! Yes, Graeme! on 03 November 2016 - 03:29 PM

The town I live in, Jamestown, is not an amazing place. But, the not amazingness has a lot of benefits. 


The cost of living here is absurdly low compared to what I am used to. For the first time in my adult life I am not worried about money, and I know I will be able to afford to buy a house once my credit rating here is high enough.


It's a decent sized town so there are things to do - restaurants, bars, theater, movies. It's got a couple of nice parks and a beautiful (if dirty) lake. It's also within easy driving distance of a couple of bigger, busier places - Buffalo and Erie, and even Pittsburgh and Cleveland aren't that far away if I fancy a trip.


The biggest downsides are the number of crazy redneck hicks who love meth.

#3502162 Losing a pet

Posted by Graeme! Yes, Graeme! on 31 October 2016 - 07:05 PM

Getting drunk is totally sustainable

#3502055 Losing a pet

Posted by Graeme! Yes, Graeme! on 30 October 2016 - 07:05 PM

My old family dog had to be put down almost ten years ago. Thinking about it now still gets me all geared up. It's the worst.

#3501596 DT

Posted by Graeme! Yes, Graeme! on 25 October 2016 - 08:36 AM

I will be voting for Hillary. That is not to say I think she will be a great president or that I even like her. Trump scares the shit out of me though, and I can't see a viable third party candidate whose views I agree with. I hate the idea of voting for the lesser evil but I think in this case I am left with little other choice

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