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What to buy, when to buy?

11 May 2008 - 11:09 AM

Well, thanks to the tax man (cue everyone singing the Beatles), I've got $600 coming to me shortly.

I'm looking for a new electric guitar. I haven't played the electric in years and my only electric is a Squire Strat that probably hasn't seen the light of day in almost 10 years. I've been an acoustic player (classical and steel string) for those years.

So, I'm coming to you with a few questions. If you had $600 (plus a little more if need be - I've got a job) to use to buy an electric guitar, what would you buy? As of right now, I'm looking at a Fender Stratocaster, maybe Telecaster, or an Epiphone Les Paul. I haven't decided to go used or new. I'm leaning towards used (cheaper).

EDIT: I'm also looking at Epi Casinos/ES's.

Do they still make Fenders/Epi's like they used to? Or is everything now sent off to Korea/Japan/Mexico/Asia in general, or are some of those guitars that come out of there not too bad? Would I need to get the guitar set-up (I probably will anyway), in terms of action/pick-ups/etc....?

Or, do I wait on buying an electric and use the $600 towards getting a nicer one a bit later down the road? Though, the idea of waiting around until Nov./Dec. to buy a Gibson LP (which is what I'd buy) would drive me nuts, having to wait......and wait....and wait, well, you get the idea.

Either way, this will probably be one of the very few guitar purchases (at least for an electric) for me for quite some time.

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