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In Topic: Allman Brothers Band - Lead/Rhythm

17 June 2007 - 07:04 PM

You've got a good amp there, dial in alot of gain (for that amp, we're not talking metal crap mush) and crank it with that les paul. Its really all in the fingers. Duane and Derek have a very unique sound and its all the fingers really, even though Duane played with a pick on lead. Duane and Derek both play in open-E. Duane's only exception is Mean Old World from the Layla outtakes, and possibly the studio version of Don't Keep Me Wonderin'. Glass slides all the way. Warren plays slide exclusively in standard, which Duane did occasionally. I think he also uses a ceramic slide, but that might just be on acoustic. Duane, Dickey, Danny Toler, Warren, and Derek (the main guitarists of the ABB through the years) all use Les Pauls or SGs predomintly, so that means humbuckers. With that hot rod deluxe you might be able to dial in a tone slightly similar to the Super, by turning your gain down and cranking the master volume to overdrive the powertubes and get that really distinct fender tone like you would get when turning up a Super all the way, but I can't be sure, as I haven't tried that.
Personally I've been able to naturally get a unique blend between Duane and Derek in my slide playing (look up my post from about 4 months ago of check out this Duane/Derek thing or something like that which I've refined much more since then). I've gone through many amps since October, a modern Mesa/Boogie, a 65 reissue Super Reverb, a solidstate 1980 Peavy (i forget the exact model) a modded silverface Bassman (sounded kind of like a plexi), this 4x10 traynor, and now I've stumbled on something I really like this 1x10 traynor using a moog pedal to add drive (even when its passive it has drive to it), and an Epiphone 56 reissue Les Paul with P90s. That's just what works for me, I can draw elements between Duane, Dickey, and Derek, as well as others, and still keep my own identity, which is important if you want to do more than just play like the Allman Brothers Band.
I would stay away from any external pedals, except an original style Tubescreamer could be beneficial with the right amp, to add just a little fatness, like what I do with my moog (I also use it for its main purpose, a ring modulator). Its good you found the Allman Brothers Band, the original band from 1969-1971 was untouchable and theres never been anything like it since!


In Topic: double bass practice

13 April 2007 - 11:09 PM

metallica unplugged?

In Topic: slide guitar

11 April 2007 - 12:28 PM

once you gain alot of control, an awesome technique that Derek does is grace notes, it can either be up or down, but its just a real quick precise note that goes on like a tail to the lick you play. Also something Duane Allman did a little, and Derek Trucks alot is raking the notes.

In Topic: 10 minute guitar solos.....why not?

20 March 2007 - 07:03 PM

i can hardly ever listen to a song with lyrics without gradually losing focus on the lyrics and drifting to the music, the underlying rhythm, or rhythm interactions, percussion, bass and that whole thing, but sometimes, i can get into the lyrics. A long SOLO needs to be meaningful. I have this 4 cd set of John Coltrane Live in Japan, and upright bassist Jimmy Garrison starts a 56 minute rendition of My Favorite Things with a 14 minute (no exaggeration) bass solo. Its not uninteresting in the least bit, completely and wholly interesting, not a cent of wankerism, and meaningful. Same with stuff like the Allman Brothers Band's Mountain Jam, usually always AT LEAST 30 minutes, on really good nights exceeding 45 minutes. Now theres just some harmony melodies, short (2~ minute guitar solo) similar length organ solo, then about 4-5~ minute guitar solo, then probably a 5-6~ minute drum duel, a 4 minute bass solo, a 2 minute slide guitar solo, maybe some more harmonized licks, and then go off into whatever, and there was a time, probably 7th grade for about maybe 2 weeks where I would come home from school, put on Mountain Jam and listen to it all the way through just sitting there, not stoned for its 33 minute entirity, and its really captivating.

Basically, if you can't appriciate extended instrumental music, or perfer lyrics to instrument solos, anything other pop/rock isn't for you.

In Topic: Some things I learned

10 March 2007 - 09:20 PM

those are all pretty standard things for bar gigs minus the crotch stuffing

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