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analog delay w/ reverse delay

22 April 2007 - 01:12 PM

I'm looking to get another delay, with an analog sound (whether it really is analog or digital doesn't matter as long as it sounds analog) kind of like those pink maxon or ibanez delay boxes, capable to endlessly feedback and self-ocsilate, as well as having a reverse delay function. perferably $150 or less but if its more and is worth it then I want to check it out.

Derek Trucks/Duane Allman Impression

04 February 2007 - 05:28 PM

This isn't even really my best playing but I wanted to put something up real quick.


its the only thing on my music page.

And thats not the only lick I can play its just a bit of messing around.

got a new PRS

30 December 2006 - 04:21 AM

I got some new gear, traded my boogie f-30 for a '65 reissue Fender Super Reverb, a Big Muff Pi and a PRS Custom SE (with about 800 dollars of cash thrown in). I'll have a picture or two up soon.

I played a 20th anniversary PRS, and it was awesome, so I asked if there was anything more "affordable" and this thing might be Korean made, but goddamn, it plays so well, the humbuckers sound astounding, it stays in tune right, and it has a gorgeous flame top on it. The only two less things that would have made it better would be a carved top and those bird inlays, but hell, I'm not complaining, this is probably the best value deal you could get on a guitar. I was gonna have a coil splitter put in, but I didn't have the extra cash, so maybe next time.

And the Super is amazing, and with the Big Muff, its just a monster. My '56 reissue Epi Les Paul is gonna take over as a pretty much all-slide guitar, as I like having the whammy bar available for lead work on the PRS.
Very awesome.

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