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Number1hater - Hollywood

30 March 2006 - 03:26 AM

Tell me what you think of Hollywood, its rap/pop dispite the semi raunchy lyrics, what do you think of the guitar work?

simple yes, but very catchy i think.

myspace link

please help me with my song

24 January 2006 - 04:17 PM

okay so i sent this song to my closest friend and he says i need to stop writing about realtionships and all this other stuff. he also said the song was boring and the chorus dosnt make sense.. he was pretty rough on me.

but i would like you guys to check it out and tell me what you think... and tell me if you think the chorus makes sense...

Open your eyes, and try to find me
in a wall full of mirrors ill try find you
so ill take another risk, and throw it away (all away)
all my feelings and what i thought
just to hear you say...... its okay.

verse 1
so lets go out
lets find a way an talk this out
just breath in deep
look in my eyes and let me speak
i kept this in
in so much cant take no more
so here it is you should know
your not what i'm  looking for... anymore

verse 2
i wanna run away
run away and change my name forever
and live without
the places i dont want to remember
so follow me
i hope that  ill never look back (back again)
i'm movin foward, to a brand new life
its what i'm searching for... now

verse 3
so tell me now
do you wish we never happand
why and how
did you make me fall so quickly
out of love
i guess i wasnt ment to be me
anymore, just for you
do you know who your looking for... now

how can i learn "tapping"

30 December 2005 - 07:12 PM

i wanna learn to tap.. could you guys help me out here?
maybe some tips and beginner songs that i can learn to learn this method of guitar playing? thanks!

what guitar should i get

26 December 2005 - 12:53 PM

i have been playign acoustic for like 4 years now. i'd say i'm at the begginin of the 'advance point' i write songs, record and everything.

i had a brawley but didnt play it much so i sold it. this was my starter electric.
i want to get a good electric that has a really good sound.
i have a 200 watt beringer amp.

i was thinking an epiphone.

i will be doing two styles of music, (not sure if this helps?)
Rock, and for another band 'hard core' type music.

any ideas? i'm willing to spend up to 300 bucks.

why did this part come with my speaker stands

16 December 2005 - 08:00 AM

i know you set the speaker (monitor) on top of the end of the pole.. but theres an extra peice.. it looks as if to cover one of the end when the speaker isnt on top of the end's 'pole' it covers the end but makes the end 'bigger'.. what i mean by this is that when its on top of the end, the speaker wont fit because it makes that side bigger.

any idea what this is for? do i need it?

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