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Going Away

02 July 2006 - 03:22 PM

this is an initial draft of a song about a lovely young girl who i have gotten romantically involved with who is moving a very long way away forever. shame. enjoy.

You know youestioned why
When I said I hope you understand
That when I hold your hand
And the way I hold you that
Some day you’ll know
That you would
Love me like

When the reeds move upon
This lonely pond
And the willows weep
Trying to dip their fingers
Into the perfect plane of glass
Like reflections of a lover’s smile
Sitting on the bank
And never quite there

But you’ll go somewhere far soon
And I hope you know what I mean
When I say all those things
That make you smile
And all those moves I make
When I kiss you in my car
After a movie at the cinema
Or a walk upon the hills of Fairlight

But when those reeds move
Upon the quiet whispers of an autumn breeze
And this lonely pond fills
With the tears rolling down the clouds
They will touch the fingers
Of those weeping willows
But you and I know
That it is too late to start the spring

And maybe the harmonics of the my voice
Or the sparkle in my eye
Will make you believe
That there is something to stay for
But if you end up
In someone else’s arms
Then I’ll hope I understand
But you know

That when those reeds upon the pond
Move and sway softly toward our bench
I look upon that crying willow
And I wonder
Whilst thinking of you
Of what could have been
Like your smile in the morning
Or your face as you sleep

Old Flame

12 June 2006 - 03:30 PM

hope you enjoy this, i was thinking of an old flame and this came out. be brutal!

There you sat, perched upon an old garden chair,
You were smoking half-tars in the shade-
And the smoke rose from your lips
Like heaven escaping the night.

Its been years since I sat and watched you,
And I remember listening to your soft voice
As it danced the scales so elegantly
To your favourite song as you got dressed in the morning

In my mind, I cherish the images
Emblazoned upon my rose-tinted imagination
Like that passionate first kiss of a lustful romance
That ended in scattered clothes on the floor

And I remember the freshly cut grass upon my toes,
And the sultry hot nights we spent lying
In a single bed, so close and entwined
That I thought we would never be prized

As the sun rose just past Hastings castle,
I remember gazing upon the blue morning sky
Wondering I would ever feel like this ever again,
But the smiles that plastered my face those years ago
Still creep up upon me when I watch the sun set
Over Pevensey bay, watching it slip behind
The rolling hills of the Seven Sisters
And into the sea so serene.

All That is Solid Melts Into the Air

08 February 2006 - 04:30 PM

im not sure if i've posted this before, i wrote it a while back-in the summer i think. anyways-i've made a few adjustments and taken a few bits out because it was a bit wordy, but critique as you always do!

All That is Solid Melts Into the Air

Every man must stand upon the cliff of his own regret,
And look down upon the foaming waves of what could be.
And motionless he will stand with the wind upon his back,
Coming to realise with a solemn and vacant stare-
That all that is solid melts into the air.

Every man will hark back to the time of his first love,
Memories like pictures-sepia with the march of time,
And a lonely, bitter tear will disappear into the depths of the sea-
Just like the memory of her soft blonde hair,
Realising all that is solid melts into the air.

Every man will remember the scent of his true love,
But that scent is so far from this monolithic cliff.
This squalid rock perched uneasily over the crashing waves-
With every tear dropped is more imbued with emotion.
And so the grass appears to weep and fall restlessly-
This sodden Earth softens to that of a delicate heart.
And mercilessly, the wind howls the truths of his neglect:
Of how he squandered a love he found to be so rare,
Letting all that was solid melt into the air.

The waves appear to move away from him,
His weeping face of sorrow grows to self-pity,
And he drops to his knees onto the soft grass.
Those foaming waves are in the far distance-
All that is left is simply a sheer descent.
Although he remembered he saw those waves,
He kept standing on his regrets-

Every man will stand upon a cliff of his own regret,
But the stronger man is the man who takes a leap of faith-
Moving further away from his past as he descends.
Without moving on his life isn’t worth a prayer:
Letting all that is solid melt into the air.

The Ballad of East Hill

07 February 2006 - 04:24 PM

i've started to get in the groove of writing again-so expect a lot of postings in the very near future! this is just a little ditty i wrote tonight in a few rushed moments-so its a bit rough in places. its about a night i spent with a bunch of mates on a cliff/hill near to where i live. i was going through a lot of thinking about a lot of things and dealing with a lot of issues at the time-which i didn't seem to be able to grapple with-but i woke up about 6ish ahead of everyone else and just sat and watched the sun rise over the sea and the country park. it was so beautiful, it was so peaceful-and it made me realise to a very big degree that i was doing a lot of bad things, that i had done a lot bad things to other people and that while i was doing all this-that i had lost grip upon the very nature of this world's beauty. it was a moment of sheer clarity. i have been meaning to write something on it for a while and only just done it! its written for a special girl whose heart i crushed. she's such a nice girl-but she'd moved many miles away-and...well you figure it out! hope you enjoy it, and please, be brutal!

The Ballad of East Hill

I never knew the sun as it rose,
Cresting the sea and the fire hills.
I never saw the ground in waves-
Rolling, like an ocean swell.
I never felt your heart until,
I awoke upon the East Hill.

I never looked upon the proud pier,
Piercing blue yonder with such grace.
I never heard the silence of this place
Subtle and calming like a mother’s touch.
I never thought our ocean again,
Could promise to visit this shore

I think of you, those people and places,
That brought me to where I am today
To a place with such beauty and charm-
That I wonder if it is of this Earth.
I feel the dew of the grass under my feet,
I feel the crisp summer breeze in my chest,
And even though you may never think of me,
I am happy to have you in my thoughts.

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