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  • Member Title Pedal Builder & Amp Builder
  • Age 31 years old
  • Birthday October 29, 1991
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    Canada, Toronto


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  • Gear
    --Fender Roadworn 60's Stratocaster (sunburst)
    --Custom Vintage Style Telecaster
    --Epiphone DR-500R Masterbuilt Acoustic
    --Yamaha Pacifica Fat Strat(Dimarzio Super Distorsion pup in bridge) + (new black pickguard stickered up) also some crazy custom wiring

    --PDFelec Custom 18W (1974x)
    --PDFelec Custum Blackface Deluxe Reverb
    --PDFelec Tweed Deluxe
    --PDFelec Custom Vibro Champ
    --Epiphone Valve Jr. Head (Modded)
    --Epiphone Valve Jr. Combo (Modded)
    --PDFelec: Top Drive
    --PDFelec: The Hood
    --PDFelec: Ruby
    --Randall RG75DG2

    --PDFelec Power Supply
    --Boss TU-2
    --PDFelec Custom SHO+A/B Box
    --Dunlop GCB-95 Crybaby Wah (Modded)
    --Custom Extra Special Vintage Wah (NOS)
    --PDFelec Valve Caster
    --PDFelec Vibra Caster
    --PDFelec Kloned Centaur
    --PDFelec "Jimmy"
    --PDFelec King of "Clone"
    --PDFelec Bear Boost Plus
    --PDFelec Deux Boost
    --PDFelec Tonemender
    --PDFelec Fuzz Face
    --PDFelec Hot Silicon
    --PDFelec Box of Rock
    --Fulltone OCD (V3)
    --PDFelec English Channel
    --PDFelec Professor Tweed
    --Voodoo Labs Sparkle Drive
    --PDFelec The Southern Thang
    --PDFelec 250/Dist +
    --PDFelec Hot Shit
    --PDFelec Fat Booster
    --PDFelec Fuzz Factory
    --PDFelec YATS
    --Electro Harmonix Big Muff Pi USA (Modded)
    --PDFelec Digital Echo/Ping Pong Delay
    --PDFelec Bypass/Looper
    --PDFelec Custom Tube Screamer
    --PDFelec "Zumodrive"
    --PDFelec Neovibe
    --PDFelec Tonesource
    --PDFelec Dyna/Ross Comp
    --PDFelec Tremulus Lune
    --PDFelec Uglyface + LFO
    --Wild Bill FX: Sparkle Boost
    --MXR 6 Band EQ
    --PDFelec Guv'Nor
    --Boss DS-1 (Modded)
    --PDFelec Highway 89
    --PDFelec The Rat
    --Electro Harmonix Small Clone
    --Danelectro: Cool Cat Vibe
    --Boss BD-2 (Modded)
    --PDFelec Orange Squeezer Compressor
    --PDFelec MKII Tonebender
    --PDFelec Buzz Around
    --Zoom G2-1.U Multi Effects
    --PDFelec Bazz Fuss
    --Digitech Grunge

    --Line6 Toneport UX1
    --Shure SM57

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