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Japanese vintage guitars!

14 September 2005 - 01:31 PM

If anyone is interested in old Japanese guitars like Orville, Tokai and Greco I have found a very nice site. You can read alot of history and interesting stuff on this webpage.
Guitars Japan

Also found a nice picture gallery on a Swedish site.

Have fun! guitar.gif

Squire Stratocaster -82

05 September 2005 - 11:20 AM

I'm about to buy my first electric and I found this old squire on an internet auction site. Anyone know how an old squire like this compare to the new ones I can buy in the store? Better, worse or about equally good? Serial number is nc407438, if that is of any use.
All input is appreciated.


Yngwie releases the ######ing fury!

02 August 2005 - 02:26 PM

I just read peterml's post about Yngwie Malmsteen and someone said he was a jerk. This remebered me of a funny video clip I have on my computer! smile.gif
It's taken from a swedish television show called "100 höjdare" which would roughly translate to something like "100 funniest moments".

Yngwie is on his way to Tokyo in an airplane when a flight attendant pours a glas of water on his head. This makes him pretty pissed... beware of profane language!

click me

Old Marshall 5005 amp

01 August 2005 - 02:34 PM

Hi guys!
I got an old Marshall 5005 (12W) that has been collecting dust since the late eighties. Used it for guitar practice when I was a kid, but lost interest so I stopped playing. Looks like this if anyone is interested, not mine though Marshall 5005.

Last year I picked up an accoustic guitar and my interest for playing has only been growing since then. Lately I have been thinking alot of getting an electric guitar so when I visited my parents last week I tried to kick some life into it. The amp looks like it's in mint condition but when I tried to plug it in it didn't work very well (Not that i'm surprised) laugh.gif. Problem is that all contacts (volume and gain knobs etcetra) seem to bee glitching, this meaning that sometimes it's sounding but when I turn a knob a little it often dies. Then I have to mess with the knobs for a while and if im lucky the sound gets back.

I guess this is due to oxidation on contacts that has been buit up over the years. I got an advice to turn the knobs back and forth alot to remove it, been at it for a while now but nothing much has changed yet! smile.gif

Is there any other ways to fix an old amp? Anyone have experience with an amp like this? Is it worth keeping or should I get a new amp at the same time I get a new guitar?


Ps. My english dont cover that many technicall terms so please correct me or ask question if you dont understand what i'm trying to say! tongue.gif

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