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09 April 2020 - 11:46 AM


In Topic: How r u spending time in quarantine?

09 April 2020 - 11:45 AM

I will have been out for a month when I return to work on Monday. I don't do as well without a consistent schedule so it's been kind of hard in the sense that my quality of sleep has been suffering as I stay up late and then sleep late but it's still not enough sleep. I also have a harder time monitoring my diet. I get bored-hungry quite easily and I have a hard time working through my cravings as there's no real incentive to keep myself from indulging. My job is also quite physical in the sense that on a slow day, I'm basically walking back and forth for six or seven hours and on a busy day, it's a workout on top of that. So without all of that stuff my body is kinda like, "What the fuck?" and I'm like, "You're the one that's choosing what to do with all the calories, bud. You figure it out."


I also tend towards the extroverted side of things. I've been lucky in that a lot of my friends have been willing to text or Skype and Zoom. I've gotten together physically a couple of times with my best friend which is a breech of social distancing but he and I need face-time from time to time. I live with my brother as well so I can basically speak with him as needed if I go stir crazy.


Where I live is a destination of sorts for outdoors-y activities, but up until two days ago the weather was piss. It's getting REALLY nice all of a sudden though. Nearly 70 degrees today. The mountains and forests have never looked more alluring. I'll have to go out and take advantage of it over the next couple days. Won't be much time once I get back to work. :/


On shitty days, I've been passing my time by learning songs and posting videos of them. I don't really like covering songs and I'd rather be working on originals, but there's no opportunity to get together and practice with either of my bands, and two out of my three projects have albums that are being either mixed and mastered or packaged for release, so I've been kind of burnt out on working on new shit lately.


I'm on job-attached unemployment. I've gotten two weeks worth and the money is inadequate. It sounds pretty good with the stimulus package (supposedly $600 a week extra for people on unemployment, on top of the $1200) but I haven't seen any of the money yet. They say it's all supposed to start happening today and tomorrow. I can put stuff on credit cards for the moment, but it had better come through in the end!


Anyway, it's all boring enough for me to have detailed the minutiae here. Most of the people I know are doing well and it looks like all of you are as well. Hope it stays that way!

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03 February 2020 - 08:42 AM

They're monsters. Mane getting injured really fucked up the double gameweek on my fantasy team. I feel uncomfortable without him on the team but I had to drop him and pick up Salah. I've got a pretty strong team, all things told. Vardy and Aguero up front, Salah and De Bruyne in the midfield, and Lundstrom and Chilwell in the back. My keeper is pretty weak though and I'm hopelessly behind on points. Guess I'm gonna have to drink the Colt .45 this year.

In Topic: Hello, how are you all. Merry Christmas to you all.

30 January 2020 - 06:08 PM

I'll 27.5 in February. That will also be the 14th anniversary of when I joined GTU. Ain't it funny how it happens?

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30 January 2020 - 09:12 AM


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