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"Heavy Metal Valentine's Day"

26 February 2016 - 05:54 AM

A few weeks ago I was helping someone over in the NOTION forum (PreSonus) with strategies for getting good palm mute articulations for electric guitar, and I had the idea to do an experiment to show how it works with music notation and virtual instruments, which initially was a quick type of thing, but I liked the electric guitar pattern, hence decided to make it a song, which in turn led to creating a pretend musical group, KnightKocK, and possibly a new genre (Romanian Melodic Death Metal).


This is the intro and basic rhythm section for the verse, which is repeated over and over so I can listen to it toward the goal hearing more stuff. 


Everything is done with music notation and virtual instruments, but later I will add real electric guitar, vocals, and a chorus, bridge, or perhaps interlude, which is fabulous.


[NOTE:  At present this is mixed primarily for headphone listening.  It's just a single electric rhythm guitar part, but I doubled it and ran it through two AmpliTube rigs and a Timeless 2 echo unit, which is a nice way to create a "Wall of Guitars" and can be done with real effects pedals, hence while it's virtual, it can be real.  I do everything with soprano treble clef staves, and for bass and drums I set the respective staves to play the music notation two octaves lower.  The electric guitar staves automatically play the notes one octave lower than notated, which is standard for guitar, where for example "Middle C" on electric guitar actually is the note at the first fret of the high-pitch "b" string.  The C at the third fret of the low-pitch "A" string actually is "Low C" . . . ]



Fabulous! :D

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