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Piezo question

15 February 2011 - 10:01 PM

Hey guys,

I'm replacing the stock pickups in a recently acquired Peavey Predator I got for cheap, and I wonder if there's a way I could get a piezo system on it also....the bridge is a licensed under Floyd Rose tremolo. Is there a piezo build you can do yourself or would you have to buy a completely new bridge (fishman, etc) for it?

Ideally (or should I say, the dream) would be to have 2 p90 style humbuckers with the option to switch on the piezo and blend them. But for now, to keep it simple, what's the cheapest option? I'm not afraid to mod this guitar if I have to. I'm looking at it as a project for fun, mainly.

I Choose You

06 November 2010 - 03:30 PM

Long time ago w00dy decided to have a chorus competition around here. I had this little riff I used to record a little ditty. I didn't think too much of it after it got recorded and it kinda slid into obscurity (well, you know..).
My brother heard it later on, and told me it should be a full song.
So what's a good little brother to do? (Yeah...you know...)

So here's the completed version (albeit a tad different from the snippet recorded before) re-recorded completely. The old chorus is now the verse. For a guitar wall, I not only used 2 acoustic 12-stringed tracks, but also electric guitar with space-echo pedals. You can make it out in the ending/outro when it just hangs. There's also a bit of piano in there, but tbh it becomes a bit of a mush as the track progresses. All by design. (Yeah, you know...sorta, it kinda just happened but I liked it) I couldn't help making the guitars loud either ... :(

I Choose You - on Soundclick

..and it wouldn't be right if I didn't thank Chris for getting me off me arze and write it back then. So thanks, m8.

Plasticine Cloud

29 October 2010 - 12:37 PM

Whoops, what's this? A live recording of a new song called Plasticine Cloud by LiquidProtocol ... my band. Yes, we are on FB and Myspace and I don't have many friends or fans..*cough* We are that terrible. But it's where my creative mantrasolo outlet gets it's live giggles.

It's indeed a rough mix, with the guitar on the left being overdubbed. And the bass, heh. But the drums are real. We recorded this with a digital video cam, outside on a nice day. For the record, a couple of neighbors cheered on. :P Eventually the song will get a "proper" recording, and before that I'll record it myself when I gots time. Oh, and it started out as a jam, so when it comes to the drums or bass, nothing is exactly the way it "should" be.
But I thought I'd send it up here to be tore down for your enjoyment. And you get to hear me live! *shock*

Posted Image

...click the image, duh. It's on SoundClick.

Raise the stakes

29 September 2010 - 12:09 PM

Here's a piece of bleh-pop from 2006 or so. I found this Fruityloops background riff I made up on back then, but for some reason it faded away from my mind until recently when I dug it up after a computer crash.
Interesting, I thought at first. I laid some nice guitars on it and all was well; a bit of bass. Good. But somewhere along the line it turned into a Mickey mouse-fest and I flung some bland lyrics on it.
Oh well, atleast it's better than the last tune I dropped on here, haha.

I thought maybe w00dy would come and appreciate the background a little, as it has some w00dy-esque computer-y things, like bubbly synths which swirl in higher frequencies (the actual background riff).
I think the bass is a bit boomish, there's 2 of 'em, 1 distorted. I kept turning it down but I seemed to hit a point where there was either bass or no bass. (still learning)
Rushed the vocals. But the solo is alright, I think?

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