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16 horsepower

10 November 2010 - 09:29 PM

Hi i was wondering if anyone knew the key or scale or tuning or what chords might be used in this song any little bit of brief information will be greatly appreciated, i need a helping hand from some more experienced guitar players then myself. thank you thank you.

This song is the jam and i hope to figure out how to play it :)

Would appreciate tabs

16 August 2010 - 02:21 AM

Hey dudes cant find these tabs anywhere could use some help and input this song is awesome
thanks for looking! please help if u can i consider myself a regular by now :) :)


21 June 2010 - 09:36 PM

how would i go about playing this song? it sounds simple Liars - plaster cast of everything http://www.youtube.com/watch#!v=s-r8HWri41s
I express a thousand bows of gratitude for whomever helps me :) thank you!

chords help

01 June 2010 - 07:31 AM

what chords could they possible be????.. woven hand - the good hand

elliot smith

22 May 2010 - 02:42 PM

elliot smith
miss misery

Chords used:

Dm (xx0231)
C (x32010)
Bb (x13331)
F (133211)
Gmadd9 (xx5335)
Gm (xx5333)
Am (x02210)
A (x02220)
G (320003)
Ab (466544)
Cm (x35543)
Dm(2) (x57765)

You don't need a capo this way.

(Dm) I'll © fake it (Bb) through the (F) day
With some (Gmadd9) help from Johnny Walker (Gm) Red
Send the (F) poison (Am) rain © down the (Bb) drain
To (F) put bad thoughts in my (A) head (there's that little fill here)
(Dm) Two © tickets (Bb) torn in (F) half
And a (Gmadd9) lot, and nothing to (Gm) do
Do you (F) miss (Dm) me, (Bb) Miss (F) Mise(G)ry
Like you (Bb) say you (F) do?

(Ab) We met in the (Cm) park
Read the (F) lines in my (Ab) head
Told me I was (Cm) strong
Hardly ever © wrong I said man you mean

(Dm) You had © plans for (Bb) both of (F) us
That in(Gmadd9)volved a trip out of (Gm) town
To A (F) place I've (Am) seen in A © maga(Bb)zine
That (F) you left lying A(A)round
(Dm) I don't © have you (Bb) with me (F) but
I (Gmadd9) keep a good atti(Gm)tude
Do you (F) miss (Dm) me, (Bb) Miss (F) Mise(G)ry
Like you (Bb) say you (F) do?

(Dm(2)) I know you'd rather see (Gm) me (Bb) gone
Than to (F) see me the (G) way that I (F) am
But I (Dm) am in the © life anyway

(Dm) Next © door the (Bb) TV's (F) flashing
(Gmadd9) Blue frames on the (Gm) wall
It's a (F) come(Am)dy of © errors, you (Bb) see
It's A(F)bout taking A (A) fall
(Dm) To van©ish in(Bb)to ob(F)livi(Gmadd9)on
Is easy to (Gm) do
And I (F) try to (Dm) be but you (Bb) know me
(F) I come (G) back when you (Bb) want me (F) to ©
Do you (F) miss (Dm) me (Bb) Miss (F)Mise(G)ry
Like you (Bb) say you (F) do?

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