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24 October 2015 - 02:51 AM

 I decided to call it a day, the forum is pretty dead now and sometimes the responses are funny but sometimes they can be too harsh so on that note I am out. I don't think I can endure the in between nasty comments it's same with face book I have got to a stage where had enough and avoiding the Internet. I am done here! you can find someone else to take the p.ss out of it won't be me!



BLushing issue oh dear help me! guys!

17 October 2015 - 04:03 PM

 so, I went on a date blind date family set up for me a guy at brothers works turns out to be a guitarist and drives a mini...all ok there and brother said oh he like pearl jam etc has a cat you two would get on well..I am setting you two up! I thought this guy will be a twonk...and look like muppet! in my head I was seeing animal banging the drums! yes my minds odd!

 so he turned up specs on hair pushed back sparkling brown eyes smiley polite. I was oh bleep...hes cute!so I accidentally stared at him like diet coke break and made a right twonk of myself! I went so red my feet were on fire and I became clammy...I apologized and said sorry and he brushed it off was polite went off to toilet to let me cool down. there was me then sitting at coffee table feeling like id fallen into a sauna!

 so, we got on fine but I am not sure what he thinks of me...it was sort of friendly not sure if he thinks oh...friend material or what...or complete twonk who went red!

 I have dated before been engaged didn't work out but never gone this red around a guy because they weren't that nice looking and their personalties were bad so...I just didn't feel that interested! it was like best sweet shop ever and the best sweetie infront of me!


 the worst part is when nervous I forget to shut up and talk too much I tried to shut up...but ...realise I spoke to him

too much! so, I kind of shut up for ages. so..I have to meet him at his works next week...as he said to meet him there but I feel awkward... I like him but..this might sound stupid but feel like he's too good looking for me.

 I dont feel like I am cool enough or modelesque stick thin to be around him.I'm a size 10 im not as super thin as I was a size 6 with it hanging off me.  plus one issue he stood up and...the deal breaker he's shorter then me...which I went oh shish kebabs just my luck in my head!


the worst part is I went red...how do I not go red. I started thinking icebergs and stuff lol!


daren't tell brother I talked the guy to death and I went red.to top it off i burnt toungue on costa coffee trying to...distract myself...so I would talk less and when burnt toungue said oh sh..t! to which he was are you ok?




then tonight I saw itv-2 bridget jones watched it for umpteenth time and went omgd that's me...crazy lady with cat....and bad boyfriend choice! singing all by myself on sofa in my manky hairbrush!



so yes help!



so umm help!

A day in the life of Tilly

08 October 2015 - 04:44 AM

So I decided as my neighbors daughter says such daft things daily and amuses me and other's I would open a thread with daily musings of what she says in passing or when she knocks my door and invites herself in..and I mean invites herself in even if I am going out! she's 11 and 3/4s as she says as it's important has some learning disabilities which I understand but she can be pretty funny.



 ME: HI Tilly

Tilly : whatcha pooing?

ME: umm huh I am putting the rubbish in the bin, nice shoes Tilly!

Tilly: Yeah blingy ent they m8! I nicks dem from justin timberlake now can moonwalk see!

Me: nice to see you again Tilly I need to go soon! how's you're guitar then?

Tilly:f..k the guitar and  f..k off then! face drops screws face up folds arms storms off adjusting her thick rimmed glasses and flicking her bunches...trying to look adult but still a kid really!


typical conversation with Tilly! day 1

My try at a sweet Little Angel B.B King

04 October 2015 - 12:03 PM

im trying to upload something I tried playing a certain song and have been learning C7 G7 D7 over 24 hours so my song playing with those chords is bad lol! but I tried and has to use a capo. I get emotional playing this song and it makes me tearful it moves me.

while it's not perfect I feltI owed it to all to upload and umm give it a try at least. when trying the blues...it's not brilliant. maybe I should quit as I played this pants. I hadn't practiced it or seen it before...but gave it go.


been playing since april this year. learning chords...


I have nearly 12 or so chords under my fingers plus some muted strings..but the chords are in the memory bank is the main thing so now I can work on stretches changing faster and not muting strings.


I ma not good with triplets and this song threw me. I have been learning triplets recently, practicing guitar since april 18th so not so long. but I enjoyed playing this and yes my C7 needs lots of work, I kept muting strings but, said go on upload cat was opening door peeking in and I laughed as it was comical trying to play guitar while cat was open close door lol!

 I noticed after playing my tempo was fast..I am unsure how fast to play the triplets as it's 4 to a bar. THen noticed it wasn't tuned right. I didn't use an amp so on my comp its about 40 or its at a mouses volume when recording to tablet.



so..give me a little while and I will try to upload this.I got very shy nervous and thing my tempo is too fast. I shook a bit while playing it as, wanted to do my best.


I gave it a try I installed brass bridge pins, copper strings and used fingers thumb with a capo. I am sorry about clicking sound I tried though

https://soundcloud.c...ittle angel try


in my shyness I am uploading this.


NIcknames and why they come about :-)

24 September 2015 - 05:30 AM

 I should start by sharing one of mine.

I was about 12 and at my uncle's pub he owned one lucky devil alright for some! he was a tight git mean as can be, he would ration how much we could drink of appletiser.


 I decided to sneak off after uncle having a go at me and wanting me to clean the brass items in the pub for him...I went to the large field out back and was twirling picking flowers and such.seeing flashes sparklies on my fingertips for no reason. I loved it there due to that issue didn't know why it was happening but, I kept going back! so I was singing I Owe you nothing by bross with a huge headache...and... twirling like heidi! when I think about it, it's pretty hillarious! :yes:


I use to steal bottle caps from grolsch bottles too outside his barn which, he got angry about as the booze would go to waste...in his friends mouths!  :yes:  after opening the boxes near the barn...he use to go who's opened my booze? dunno rats uncle!.

 well one day I was out in the field and felt a bit light headed and fuzzy when I came back uncle said, what has she been uto look her flipping eyes! ( or words to that effect) like giant satellite dishes, then it dawned on him and everyone, have you been in the poppy field little one? my mum was in fits of giggles while putting a coin in the jukebox to play claptons crossroads, he'd put older tunes on his jukebox then the time we were in and so I got use to older tunes and enjoy them. another who was on step ladder came down to see my eyes, he was fixing the pub for my uncle as he'd just bought it recently. 

 I cried a lot as I got banned from the field and shouted at and told no kids should be in the pub anymore! meh! my uncle wasn't the nicest guy at times!

  so he laughed his head off after stepping off the step ladder  as, I was in an anorak and said it's a blooming EWOK! THAT name has stuck with me through life, family call me school uni the lot EWOK. I still have big eyes I don't think I ever fully recovered.Everytime I hear clapton/crossroads I think of being a poppy field.

 Uncle I feel very sick and was pretty sick and hungry at the same time with a bad headache to boot!

I was quite naughty when little always in trouble by accident and in mischief...always naughty. yetl ooked cute as I had bunches and a cheeky face, still got a cheeky face just no bunches sorry!


so I am EWOK, what's the reasoning behind your nicknames?

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