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18 August 2007 - 11:27 AM

...do drugs cost where you live?

(I'm not advocating the use of them, of course i'm not... )

How much do you (or any friends you might know) pay for your drugs? Weed, ecstasy, cocaine, acid...

Over here in Scotland, you'll pay around 40 ($80) for a quarter ounce (7 gms) of good weed. Maybe 50p (a buck) for a tab of LSD. 1-3 ($2-$6) for an E, and anything from 30-60 ($60-$120) for a gm of coke. (yes, you pretty much double it... 1 = $2).

(Or so I hear on the grapevine...)

Also, have the prices gone up much in the last 15 or so years? Over here (again , this is going on what i've been told...) the prices have NOT followed inflation. It's been pretty stable, and they haven't gone up that much at all. Infact, with certain things, the prices have gone down. Especially with E and LSD. E's used to be 10, and like I say, these days you can pick them up for a pound or two. 3 is now regarded as expensive.

Do you think the story would have been the same had drugs been legal? I'm thinking not, if the taxman had anything to do with it.

A good call for keeping drugs illegal?

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